November weather leads the way in Raiders tight win in Cleveland

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In week 8 , the Las Vegas Raiders played in conditions they hadn’t experienced in 139 days

In what was something the players said ” You wouldn’t experience in a hurricane”, weather conditions in Cleveland included rain , hail and snow, the Raiders were seen as a team that had no chance of victory in Cleveland as the conditions limited the passing game and many saw RB Josh Jacobs as having a down year and not enough for the Raiders to be competitive in this game.

In a game that started rather slow as and 3-6 field goal fest due to weather limitations, it was a ground & pound attack for Las Vegas headed by young star RB Josh Jacobs with his 128 rushing yards leading the way.

Late in the 3rd quarter, the Raiders offense really stuck it to the Browns when QB Derek Carr found slot WR Hunter Renfrow on a 4 yard underneath drag route passing touchdown. The score was 13-6 LV.

Defensively , the Raiders weren’t perfect , but FAR much better than in week 7. The unit stepped up when it mattered, holding the browns offense to an impressive 6 drives and 6 points. This , despite the loss of DT Maruice Hurst to an ankle injury. Raider fans rejoice!

In the end , Las Vegas won in game in the cold, 16-6 to improve their record to 4-3. The browns simply couldn’t keep up during this game.

Next week the Raiders take on rookie sensation Justin Herbert and the chargers at Sofi Stadium in LA.

To keep up with me on the daily, make sure to follow my fanpage @_mraiderig on Instagra. Go Raiders!

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