One of the Worst Missed Travels Ever

Missing a travel in the middle of the game is one thing. Missing a travel with 3.5 seconds left is a whole other situation. That's exactly what happened at the end of Tennessee's upset loss to Ole Miss on Tuesday night.

The Vols started out hot, but ended up scoring only 21 points in the second half. They made 1/14 of their final shots, and had 16 turnovers on the night. Perhaps the falling point was Keon Johnson's missed free throw. The Vols, down 2, had the ball, and Jaden Springer airballed a floater. Luckily, Keon Johnson had boxed out like a monster and grabbed a clutch rebound and got fouled on his way up. He had 2 shots to tie the game. Easy, right? He missed the first, before Rick Barnes burned his final timeout to give Tennessee a chance to maybe grab a rebound and put the ball in with 3.5 seconds left. Except he has Keon Johnson make the second free throw.

As Ole Miss lined up to inbound the ball, one of the worst missed calls of the season happened. See the video I edited below:

The Ole Miss player catches the ball with his left foot down. Then he picks up that left foot and takes a step, which is still legal, before he drags his pivot foot (right foot) before the whistle blows, dragging that right toe off on the ground before the whistle sound is heard. It is clear no foul was called during the drag, it was whistled as Tennessee made contact with the Ole Miss player.

It is clear the refs were not expecting such a travel, as it is rare in this situation. The refs were clearly waiting to call that foul, and did not pay attention to the footwork before the foul. In such a crucial time, as the Vols would of gotten the ball back under the Ole Miss basket with 3.5 seconds left, which could result in a easy layup, the refs didn't even bother to go to the review station and review the play.

Although the angle of this video is not ideal, you can clearly see the right knee twisting in a way it cannot twist unless the right foot is moving. The Vols are only one of the teams to get screwed by the refs this past season.

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