Pacers/Heat Series Takeaways

Well, the Pacers just got swept by the Heat and there were a couple reasons why.

First off, since they were missing Domantas Sabonis, they were missing a big chunk of their inside presence both on offense and defense. Sabonis provides solid inside scoring while also coming up with double digit boards almost every game. Although Victor Oladipo played, he clearly wasn't at 100%. The real Victor Oladipo would not lay it in on a fast break. The last game was the only game Oladipo was looking more like himself, he had 25 points.

This is what really killed the Pacers: the Heat's three point shooting and the Pacer's lack of defense to stop them. Erik Spoelstra is an excellent coach and he runs plays that help shooters get open. Just about everyone on the Heat's roster can shoot the ball, and that's exactly what happened. Often times, a big man like Olynyk or Adebayo would set screens for players like Dragic, Herro, or Robinson, and due to the Pacer's lack of defense on screens, the end result would typically be an open three point shot for the Heat. Let me just share some quick three point shooting stats with you. In the first game, the Heat shot 37.1% from three, in game 2, they shot 51.4% from three, in game 3, they shot 39.4%, and in game 4, they shot a poor 26.7%. All of these games, the Heat had many attempts from three, resulting in many points.

Another reason that might've played a factor is how much Nate McMillan played his starters. Each starter played at least 38 minutes with the highest played bench player being in the game for 12:40. That was in game four but in every game the starters played big minutes, and as the series went on, the minutes increased for the starters and decreased for the bench players.

The Pacers only pick in the draft is the 54th pick, so hopefully the Pacers can get healthy and maybe pull off a trade that could add more depth to the team.

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