Penn State offensive projections

  • At QB we saw flashes of Sean Clifford becoming an elite QB. Now we have a much better offensive coordinator then we did last year and now we have Minnesota’s offensive coordinator from last year and they had a great offense so I think we’ll have a solid offense.

  • Clifford did have a few bad games though. When we played Minnesota, Ohio State, and Memphis he played horrible. He did have a few games where he played elite. Maryland, Purdue, and Michigan played great. Michigan he did have only 182 yds but did have 3 TDs. I think now with a better offensive coordinator he will play better than last year even though he doesn’t have KJ Hamler this year. Now if Clifford went down we’d be ok. Will Levis would start. Levis came in against Ohio State in the second half and helped bring us back from 21-0 all the way back to a 21-21 game. Honestly, I thought we were gonna win the game when we tied it up. Ohio State got a field goal and then Levis was driving us down the field but threw an interception at the Ohio state 25 and things went downhill from there. Even if Clifford stays healthy to expect Levis to be put in the Tommy Stevens type roll from a few years ago

  • Running back I don’t have to say anything but I will. We have one of if not the best running back rooms in the country.

  • Journey Brown went crazy at the end of the year last year and had 800 rushing yds... WITH SPLITTING CARRIES WITH TWO OTHER RUNNING BACKS. At the end of the year, we saw that Brown was the clear starter. Minnesota and Memphis Brown had some great games and you have probably have seen the clip of Journey Brown running over four different Memphis players. Expect another big year from him.

  • Noah Cain is going to be a monster. He had 8 rushing touchdowns as a freshman and a backup!!! He’s going to be something really special. He will be the starter in 2 yrs of Journey Brown goes pro after this year. Cain is the kinda guy that will get carries when it’s third and three or third and goal at the 2 yd line. When we are a few yds away from a first down or a touchdown expect Cain to come in, there are usually at least two players needed to tackle him.

  • Devyn Ford had one really good game and that was Idaho. He won’t start for at least 2 yrs. Ford is good but he happens to be behind possibly 2 future pro running backs. His time will come

  • A wide receiver could be a problem. Jahan Dotson will be the number one wide receiver. Dotson also showed flashes of being elite and had a great play against Purdue. We also got Daniel George who had a few decent games last year. There will be a lot of true freshman playing this year and hopefully one of them comes up big

  • The tight end will be great. We got the best tight end in college football. Pat Friermuth will have another huge impact this year and they just recently got a 4-star commit for 2022. Theo Johnson will prob be his backup this year

  • The offensive line will improve this year. We got Boston colleges offensive line coach and he had all 5 of his oline man in the All ACC team and even tho the ACC hasn’t been good recently still tho all 5 he will help a lot with our oline.

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