Players to Watch in the 2020 NBA Draft

The NBA Draft, although it may not have the hype of last year’s draft, that is, of course, because of all the hype that surrounds Zion Williamson as everyone seems to want to know just how good he is and how far he can take his current team.

But, do not worry, there are still some pretty good players in this draft, and there are certainly players that are worth watching as they go forward in their careers.

James Wiseman

There is no doubt in my mind that James Wiseman is going to be a stud, however we never saw much of him in college due to the scandal over in Memphis. So even if he has not had as much experience as say, Anthony Edwards or Lamelo Ball who played overseas, do not be surprised if he makes a pretty decent case at becoming the Rookie of the Year, outplaying all of the other hyped up rookies around him, with his abilities to dominate all over the court, but especially in the paint.

Lamelo Ball

Now Lamelo Ball probably has the most hype coming into this draft for multiple reasons. First off, his brother Lonzo is already a starting point guard in the NBA and his other brother LiAngelo is down in the G League. Not only that, but you have to take his father into this, who is Lavar Ball, who is very vocal about his sons being stars in the league for years to come, and because of this we have been hearing about Lamelo for years and years even before he was in high school. But, we will have to see, as he has a high ceiling as we saw in the NBL, but some parts of his game such as his jumper and at points his defense are lacking.

Deni Advija

Deni Advija is an Israeli basketball player, and although he is not really seen as a top 3 pick, we have still seen the Golden State Warriors (who have the 2nd overall pick) come forward to state that Deni had quite a lot of talent, so much even that it shocked them, from his high IQ to his playmaking abilities to his defense as well. Now, we have not really seen much of him either, as I doubt that many people in the US pay much attention to those players playing overseas, especially since we have not really heard of his name until this year, but he will be one interesting player to watch, whether or not you will like him.

Devin Vassell

The last player that we will be going over is Devin Vassell who played at Florida State University. Devin Vassell has been a really solid player, shooting 50% from the floor and over 40% from 3 point range in his stint with the Seminoles. The reason why he is on this list is because he is a huge question mark in this draft. Why is that? Because there are parts of his game that can be inconsistent, although he is still explosive and athletic when on the floor. For example, his jump shot is good, but, at times, it can be just a bit inconsistent. But for whatever team drafts him, I do not think that all of a sudden he is going to break out, but instead be a solid role player for a few years, but, who knows, these college players can be very unpredictable and we could be looking at a star but we just do not know it yet.

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