Possible Reasoning Towards the Knicks Recent Moves, With More Moves to Come?

The Knicks front office has been busy lately with the signings of Austin Rivers (3 years $10 million), and Nerlens Noel (1 year, 5 million), along with the re-signing of Elfrid Peyton (1 year 6 million). Match that with the Ed Davis trade to Minnesota, for two second round picks, Jacob Evans, and Omari Spellman, and the Knicks have 16 players on contract (1 more than the maximum). This leads fans to believe, more moves are sure to come. Who could those moves be for, and what effect will they have on the overall future of the team? The fans are left eager and await this news, unlike recent years when they have often been left befuddled.

The Buzz in Charlotte

Many speculate one of Charlotte's guards, Devonte Graham and Terry Rozier may be bound to move with the recent draft edition of Lamelo Ball. Its transparent that the Knicks have been vowing for a true point guard ever since Stephon Mauberry left in the early 2000's, and this might be their chance. Devonte Graham would be the more intriguing option due to his age, recent play and better overall contract. Graham might be a stretch however due to his asking price. Most likely the Knicks would have to give up a second or even a first, depending on the player they match the offer with. This is something the Knicks might not be willing to do, since they value their picks and young talent. Terry Rozier is the more realistic option, but also the one that might not be the best fit. Rozier has been seen often times as a guy who can be a little trigger happy, and rely on his own shot, more than his teammates. Rozier still has two years left on his contract, roughly making him $18 million per year. The Knicks still have a little over $20 million in cap space, leaving them enough room for both Rozier and Graham (who is making a little over $1 million, and is set for a larger contract come the end of the 2020-21 season).

ZO 2 NY?

Lavar Ball, might finally get his wish granted this upcoming week. With all guards the Pelicans have accumulated over the recent weeks, some are left thinking there is an odd man out. This could possibly be Lonzo Ball. Reports have surfaced that the Pelicans find Eric Bledsoe very valuable and would love to keep him on the roster for this upcoming season. Pair that with their Lottery pick (G Kira Lewis Jr.) out of Alabama, this could mean Lonzo has one foot out the door in New Orleans. This foot could be pointed towards the east coast, The New York Knicks. Lonzo Ball would be a perfect fit for this young Knicks squad. He pushes the pace on offense and thrives on the break, which we could see a heavy dose of out of the Knicks this year. With an improved three-point shot at 38% while averaging 6 boards and 7 assists, Lonzo proved that he could ball in the right offense. Also, we can't forget his lock down defense. Averaging 1.4 steals per game, and holding opponents to 30% from the field, and only 109 points on the year, one can make a case for him to be on an All Defensive team, maybe even the first. Lonzo is still only 23 years old and remains on his rookie contract for 2 more years, leaving the Knicks with plenty of cap space to make this move. Lonzo could be the future at the point guard position for the Knicks if they can complete a trade. He compliments RJ, Obi, and Mitch perfectly, along with the offense and defensive mindset shared with Head coach Tom Thibodeau. The Knicks should really do what they can to make this move happen.

The future of the Knicks hangs in the balance and in the hands of Leon Rose, who seems to be making all the right moves. So far.

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