Postgame Thoughts: TAMU @ Alabama

Updated: Oct 5, 2020


Offense: B-

Passing Off: B

Rushing Off: C-

Defense: D

Rushing Def: A-

Passing Def: F

Offensive MVP: Ainias Smith

Defensive MVP: Michael Clemons

Stat of the game: Ainias Smith - 6 receptions/123 yards/2 touchdowns

- What’s hot?

The Haynes King hype train

- What’s not?

The defensive secondary


- The coaching was very poor against Alabama. Unnecessary timeouts, few adjustments, and poor play calling plagued the Aggies.

- Fans and the media aren’t going to tolerate the Jimbo-Mond circus much longer. Mond played decent, but not great. Jimbo was hired to make Texas A&M competitive in top tier games, and has failed to do so. Something has to give.

- Kellen Mond finished with over 300 passing yards, which sounds good until you realize that is only 7.2 yards per attempt. Mond put many passes on point, but struggled at times and his mechanics were consistently off. He did have a few drops, but a 64.4 QBR is inexcusable for a SEC senior.

- Haynes King saw the field for one drive, and made the most of it. The Aggies had more spunk under King than they have in any games with Mond at the helm. King led the team in rushing on only 8 carries. His play style reminds me a bit of Mr. Johnny Manziel, he is light on his feet, not afraid to force throws, and willing to tuck it, run, and fight for extra yards. Get ready to see more from the King.

- The secondary was nonexistent. I didn’t notice Demani Richardson’s presence at all, and O’Neal made a small impact as well. Jaylon and Myles Jones were constantly burned, which falls on play selection and adjustments as well as the sheer talent of Alabama’s wideouts. This is Jaylon’s second game, so he is expected to have a FEW mistakes, but the five-star needs to step it up against Florida. Myles Jones, on the other hand, has no excuse. He is a SEC senior, and knew well what was coming for him. He could see his spot taken in the next few weeks.

- The front 6 did a very good job against the run, especially considering the talent of Alex Leatherwood and the rest of the O-line. Najee Harris could not establish a running game.

- The running game needs work, but worked well in the first half. Once we fell behind, we couldn’t run because of the lack of yards and time it takes. The Ags will establish the run game early against Florida.

- Wydermyer and Smith were the Ags top receivers... which is great until you realize neither are actually a wide receiver. Our receivers are very young, and I really liked what I saw from Chase Lane, but it’s gonna take more. These guys are progressing well, so no need for concern.

- I personally liked the decision to always take fair catches. That was a conservative move that may have paid off big time.

- Many small mistakes caused big problems. The missed FG hurt early on, and Ainias’ drop also hurt. The ball was low, but easily catchable. The pick-6 throw by Mond was what put the game away for Alabama, even though it was early.

- There were no fumbles... there were no fumbles... there were no fumbles. Sounds so good after so many against Vanderbilt. That must have been preached up-and-down this week, as we all expected.

- This team is much improved from the Vanderbilt game. The offense moved and generated momentum fairly often. We were even in the turnover margin, which is a big victory against a team like Alabama.

- The Aggies started slow on third downs, but were far improved as the game progressed.

- Finally, how about those new “away”uniforms 🔥🔥🔥. Those are going to be nice to watch for many years to come.

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