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With the start of the NHL 24 team playoff format nearing ever so close, the question people are asking is where will we see hockey. The answer to this question has not yet been answered, however there are a few things we know about this. The first thing we know is the city needs to have quite a few arenas the second thing we know is the city's need to be big enough to fit somewhat of 5-7 teams in them (about 175 players) not including staff and reserves.

In my opinion a few of the options could include Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton etc. The clear front runner in my opinion is Toronto, No I am not being biased and here's why. In the summer of 2016 Toronto hosted the World Cup Of Hockey which was clearly able to hold 8 teams and their equipment. Toronto also has numerous places where hockey could be played, keep in mind Vaughn Scarborough and Mississauga are still in Toronto, or rather the GTA. Although all Toronto events are banned until further notice, John Tory (the mayor) clarified that this does not include sporting events.

In the end, out of all the potential hub cities I think Toronto is a clear front runner! I want to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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