Prediction For the Knicks Going Into Tonight's Draft

With the Knicks recently moving up their 27th pick while trading the 38th pick in tonight's draft To Utah for the 23rd pick, many are left wondering the significance of this move. Is this the key to a bigger deal, packaging it with pick 8 or are they ensuring they have more options at 23 rather than risking losing their guy at 27?

Pick 8

Their are many speculations of what the Knicks will do in tonight's draft. Many think trading up is their best option and some think keeping both picks and picking their guy at 8 is the more viable option. At pick 8, it all depends on who falls and who rises, if guys like Tyrese Haliburton and Killian Hayes fall to 8, do the Knicks take their point guard of the future? This is certainly the best case scenario for the Knicks if both of those guards fall, however it is unlikely at 8 that they will have both to chose from. Haliburton is more polished offensively, shooting over 40% from three and 50% from the field while averaging 6 assists. He seems like he would fit the Knicks more than Hayes, due to the higher percentages and better defensive length. Some prefer Hayes however, as many believe he can handle better and distribute like a true point. Either one of these guards along with a guy such as Devin Vassell would certainly provide a contribution right from the start at pick 8.

Pick 23

Pick 23 is interesting. After moving up with the trade from the Jazz, some believe this was a move to ensure their guy in the late first, which could be Isaiah Stewart or even Tyrell Terry depending on what they do at 8. If New York goes guard at 8, pairing him with a guy like Stewart, would be perfect. An athletic big who can score in a multitude of ways, while also having the toughness underneath to grab big boards could compliment both their offensive and defensive game plan. If they go forward at 8, Tyrell Terry could be the scoring guard they have been searching for, for what seems like an eternity. Their are concerns with his size and defense, but if your the Knicks, offensive should be heavily accounted for at the point guard position, and that is exactly what Terry gives you. A smooth, fluent jumper, with confidence from way beyond the arc, could light up the Garden for years to come.

The Knicks sure have a lot of options, but with a brand new front office, the fan base has no choice but to put their trust in them. Trust that they'll finally get a guy that can lead the offensive while providing a strength on defense. Lets hope they get it right.

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