Pros and Cons of Drafting Zack Wilson

With all the hype around Zack Wilson I thought I'd go through the Pros and Cons of Zack Wilson

HT 6'3 WT 210

MVP of the  2018 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

BYU Team Captain

Pro Comp: Deshaun Watson

Final Grade: Early 1st Round Value


Can throw off platform and with different arm angles

Great Awareness

Good Anticipation

Not afraid to throw across his body

Can handle himself when the play breaks down

Very Mobile

Just has some amazing plays

High Football IQ

Always trying to make a play

Great Accuracy

Lighting quick decision making

Impressive Footwork

Beautiful High Arching throws

Will take hits for his team

Keeps eyes downfield

Most Accurate Passer in the FBS

Doesn't tell you where he's going with his eyes

Knows how/when to slide

Exceptionally Accurate downfield

Can throw receivers open

A very crafty playmaker

Great Ability to extend plays

Great Escapability from the pocket

Quick Release

Big Arm


Needs to learn to check it down

Needs to learn to live to see another down

Will force throws

Risky Decision making

Some reports say he has character issues

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