Quarterbacks the Chicago Bears should try getting

The Bears really need a Quarterback there Quarterback right now is Mitchell Trubisky if you want me to be honest he is a struggling Quarterback but towards the end of this 2020 season that just happened he looked really good. I am thinking the Bears should maybe stick with Trubisky and give him another chance. But there are some superstar and better role QB's out there right now that we can get to replace Trubisky with if Chicago has a chance of getting a different QB than Mitch. I have written another article about this but last time I mentioned the QB's Chicago should get I mentioned a lot of role QB's around Trubisky's skill level players like Sam Darnold, Gardner Minshew, Deshone Kizer and even Zach Wilson. But I have realized that we shouldn't get a different QB from another team that is Mitch is skill level because it is the same exact thing and in the offseason we should get a top notch QB. So that is what I am getting into Some high QB's the Bears should look into getting.

:Deshaun Watson

Watson has said he wants out of Houston which I don't blame him every single fan base on social media has made so many jersey swops on him because everyone wants him on there team. But everyone wants him but there are actually only like 3 teams he has a chance of going to and those are Bears, Broncos and Colts is what I have heard. I think Watson would be great with Chicago I am a huge fan of Watson I would give up a lot to get him. Bears old recent QB's have been Jay Cutler, Jim McMahon, Rex Grossman and right now Trubisky I really wouldn't say those are mobile QB's at all and Watson can change that he can throw dodge sacks while keeping his head up field and will run if he has to. So Watson can do some things old Bears QB's couldn't which is being mobile. Watson being mobile is a big part of his football game. Yes it is great to talk about what it would be like having Watson but question is how to the Bears get Watson? I am thinking about some really good trades for him maybe we could trade Kyle Fuller and Khalil Mack and 2 first rounders for Watson. Then other one is trading Fuller and Roquan Smith a younger Linebacker and 1 first rounder for Watson. It is going to be hard to get Watson I hope Chicago finds a way to do it.

:Derek Carr

Carr is underrated I'm a good fan of him I would say he is a top 15 QB. He has been in some trade talks for Chicago Carr can have his good moments just in 2015 he lead the Raiders to be super bowl contenders and then broke his leg. Carr is the only QB in this 2020 season to beat Patrick Mahomes. I wouldn't say Carr is a full on ride through the playoffs go to the super bowl QB but if he has the defense at Chicago he can help.

:Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy G is a very steady QB I rarely ever see him make mistakes and that is the perfect type of bears QB. Then that is because the bears always have great defenses if the Bears QB just plays an average game and doesn't make mistakes to mess up the defenses game and lets the defense do it's job they can win. So Jimmy G is great doing that I know he might not be a very flashy clutch carry to the super bowl QB but he isn't the type of guy that is just going to chuck a ball into double coverage and make dumb passes. A lot of NFL fans are really over hating Jimmy G and giving up on him. So there is a good chance the 49ers are going to go for another QB but there is also a really good chance they will stick with Jimmy G. I wouldn't be surprised if they gave him another chance because he was in last years super bowl not long ago. But if the Bears can land this guy I would not mind.

:Jameis Winston

Winston is not a consistent QB he throws a lot of picks but is very capable of putting up a big game. The reason to why I say he isn't consistent is because one game he will throw 5 TD's and look amazing then the next game he will throw 3 picks and have a horrible completion percentage so he is so hard to figure on what type of performance he will put up. But the thing is the bears aren't a franchise team that looks for QB's like Winston because he is the complete opposite of what they want they want consistent low stat QB. But if Bears do get Winston I'll have some mixed feelings. My good feelings would be is the dude is so fun to watch he can put up stats and when he throws the ball you don't know if it will be a TD or a pick just what I think. Then the bad feeling would him throwing picks and messing up our defense because throwing a pick will put the other team in position. Then last bad reason do to Winston has history of misbehaving off the field by getting charged assaults with a taxi driver one night so if he causes problems off the field he can cause problems on the field for Chicago.

:Carson Wentz

Wentz just came off a struggling season with the Eagles and people have doubts on him. The Eagles have a new young QB they drafted Hurts who they want to be there franchise guy which is most likely why they drafted him. So that basically means there done with Wentz and think it would be huge if Chicago can land on this guy. Wentz had just one bad season and I think he can for sure bounce back and prove the people wrong who say he won't be good again. The Bears can use a guy like Wentz he is injured a lot which is a concern and the Bears do have a bad offensive line so that can create him to get injured if pressure comes in. But I want a good QB Wentz just before this bad season he had was being compared to almost as good as Dak Presscott so if Wentz can go back to that level and Bears can get him that would be great.

:Matt Ryan

Ryan I am a fan of this guy he was just in the super bowl in 2016 won MVP I am pretty sure. He is like a top 10-15 QB in the NFL and he might be leaving the Falcons. I have heard in games when Ryan gets pressure on him he Immediately runs away and looks for a receiver instead of staying patient and still looking for a receiver and Immediately running from pressure. So he might keep doing this if he comes to The Bears because the Bears have a bad o line and if pressure comes in every play he is gonna do his run away thing and might struggle. But I like Ryan a veteran QB I think he can help with Chicago.

:Drew Lock

Lock has been in conversations to be leaving the Broncos because Broncos are one of the main teams looking to get Watson. Not just that Broncos may not want Lock as there QB anymore so maybe Bears can look into this young QB. Both of his starting QB days weren't really that easy the first year he started starting he didn't even start after a few games and didn't even play the whole season to get the experience. Then the year after that to have the full year to start all the Broncos good players were getting injured and the team slipped. So if Lock comes to Chicago with the good defense we have he can maybe be good.

:Mitchell Trubisky

My last choice is sticking with QB Mitchell Trubisky Matt Nagy really hasn't done much to help this kid with things that have happened to Mitch he should be given another chance for sure. But if Mitch doesn't which probably will happen were gonna have to look into getting some the QB's I mentioned earlier.

That is my article who I think the Bears should try getting on there QB next season. A lot of the QB's I mentioned on this list are more higher level QB's last time a made a bears QB article on who they should get Because we need a good QB. But if Ryan Pace doesn't end up getting a good QB and we end up getting another QB that is Trubisky's sort of situation of having a bad organization around him I'd be fine with that some of the other QB's in Trubisky's situation is guys like Sam Darnold, Gardner Minshew, and Deshone Kizer the guys I mentioned in my last article. But my point in this article is who are some good QB's who aren't already struggling and already have proven to be good Chicago should get. So that is it thank you so much for reading my article and let me know what you think about this.

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