Ranking All 31 NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys

Adidas and the National Hockey League unveiled thirty-one new uniforms to be worn during the upcoming 2020-21 NHL season as part of the brand new Reverse Retro uniform promotion. These uniforms will be worn in multiple games by each team with an emphasis placed on them being worn for “rivalry games”.

The process of creating jerseys was a bit different than usual. When teams want to add a jersey to their kit, they create a proposal and give it to the NHL's official partner for gear, and the development process begins. This was a leaguewide initiative initiated by Adidas, whose team presented its concepts to a full meeting of the NHL board of governors and then to the individual teams.

One big difference between the "reverse retro" jerseys is that these jerseys are going to be worn a limited number of times during the 2020-21 season only. The Adidas reverse retro jerseys will be available on Dec. 1 for sale in the United States and Canada.

NO 31: New York Islanders

If you look at the current Islanders Jersey, it almost is a copy of that. The Islanders could have brought back the old fisherman logo, but instead, the organization wanted to keep it clean. The jersey is based on the 1980 season. This was the start of the Islanders' dynasty and the navy blue color honors legends such as Mike Bossy, Bobby Nystrom, Clark Gillies, and Bryan Trottier who wore it. If the Islanders changed up the jersey, it would have been way higher.

NO 30: Detroit Red Wings

The jersey is inspired by the jerseys worn when the Red Wings won their ninth Stanley Cup Championship and the Centennial Classic jerseys, this design pairs a white base with gray striping. To me, it looks like a practice jersey or something you would wear to scrimmage. It's almost like they forgot about this until yesterday. The Red Wings couldn't think of anything else?

NO 29: Dallas Stars

The Reverse Retro is an icy-white take on the jersey the Stars wore when they won the Stanley Cup. The Stars' original Dallas logo was never that great - the team's uniforms now are much better. If the "Dallas Stars" text was the same gray color as the jersey, it would be way higher. I mean at least it's bold.

NO 28: Anaheim Ducks

One of the most notorious jerseys in NHL history gets a reboot. The unofficially dubbed, "Wild Wing" jersey was originally worn in the Ducks' third season and was their first third jersey. The fan-favorite is the only jersey to feature a team's mascot. This jersey could have been way better if the "Mighty Ducks" Logo was fully on the jersey.

No 27: Vegas Golden Knights

The Golden Knights paid homage to pro hockey franchises that preceded them and paved the way for their existence. The Golden Knights just entered the league recently, it's hard to be inspired by a new look already. The red is OK, the shoulder logo should have stayed on the shoulder. They should have made a gold jersey, it's in the name.

NO 26: Vancouver Cunkucks

This Jersey is Inspired by the original alternate jersey which was red and blue, and this Reverse Retro reflects the team's current Pacific Northwest colorway. The gradient is unique, But it also doesn't look good. Dark Blue and Green do not go together. All it looks like is a mess.

NO 25: Nashville Predators

The reverse retro is part of the speed nicks in the numbers, striping, and crest borrow from the team's first jersey, while the silver sleeve is a new addition. In my opinion, Nashville should have made the skull logo the main logo. The skull logo would have been mean and clean.

NO 24: New Jersey Devils

To me, I feel like this should only be worn on Christmas. If this was a Christmas jersey contest, this would be top 5, but it is reverse retro. This is the first time in devil's history, they will be wearing a primarily green jersey. The red signifies the mythical Jersey Devil and the green represents the Pine Barrens in which it was said to live.

NO 23: Ottawa Senators

Not too controversial, but still a twist on the Senators' history. The All red seems way too much in this jersey, the logo is very nice, but it is just a red jersey. If they added more black to the jersey, it would be higher. The Senators Rebranded to the old logo this offseason, and I quite like it.

NO 22: Columbus Blue Jackets

You would think in the name "Blue Jackets" the Jackets Jersey would be blue. This design features the Blue Jackets' original logo on the team's first primarily red jersey. I do like the logo but if it was in blue, it would be golden.

NO 21: Arizona Coyotes

This is a color swap on the desert scene alternate jersey, which was the team's first third jersey, with purple replacing original green. This jersey also includes the lizard shoulder patch. To me, it looks like a hot mess with the bottom being all crazy. Where do I look when I see this jersey; The Logo, or the dessert bottom?

NO 20: Toronto Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs jersey represents two seasons with the logo from the 1969-70 jersey and the striping from the 1970-71 jersey. The gray is a nod to the silver that was featured in the Maple Leafs' Centennial Classic jersey in 2017. Jersey looks average to me, not great, but not terrible.

NO 19: Boston Bruins

The Bruins'sold white jersey, in the 1988 and 1990 Stanley Cup Finals, has been given a yellow remix with the bear head logo shoulder patch. This one is fine, but I don't know how many they'll sell. Bright Yellow on the Ice might look weird, but it is a very bold look.

NO 18: Edmonton Olliers

These jerseys are a nod to the Oilers' inaugural NHL season, which was also Wayne Gretzky's first NHL season. The Reverse Retro is the first Oilers jersey to feature an orange yoke on a white base. Edmonton is kinda painted into a corner with their design choices. You can only do so much, but this one's fine.

No 17: Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins have done so many looks due to outdoor games, but this one is nice, shouting out an old team font to create something unique. The Reverse Retro flips the iconic black Penguin's jersey original to white.

NO 16: Chicago Blackhawks

This is a variation on the white alternate design that was worn 1937-55 when the Blackhawks had their famous barber pole-striped jerseys for their primary uniform. Jersey is a very Clean look; with an all-black color, with red and white colorways.

NO 15: Minnesota Wild

The Wild's current logo gets a new look with the Minnesota North Stars green and gold, and the drop-shadow numbers. It would have been fun to see the Wild go full North Stars, but bringing back the color scheme is still pretty good.

NO 14: St Louis Blues

The Blues' red road jersey from the mid-1990s is turned upside down for a fresh take on the look. The Reverse Retro one really works for me. Flipping the script is exactly what this line of sweaters is about, after all.

NO 13: Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers drew inspiration from the season in which they won the division title in 1994. The Flyers have a great logo and cool, unique colors, so they have a pretty good base to work off. The only downside here is the bottom arms. If there were black instead of white, this jersey would have made the top 10.

NO 12: Tampa Bay Lightning

The jerseys the Lightning wore when they won their first Stanley Cup championship in 2004 get an update with the blue base they wore for their second title in 2020. The logo does look cartoonish, but the overall jersey is sick! These would look super cool as a winter classic jersey as well.

No 11: Washington Capitals

I'm really feeling this, Rocking the Red with a Peter Bondra eagle on the front. That's amazing. The Jersey update with the patriotic red, white, and blue of the 2018 Stanley Champions. The Logo makes the jersey.

NO 10: Buffalo Sabers

The original black and red version of this jersey were Sabre's first alternate and where the final choice among more than 50 design concepts the team considered. The new version flips it to reflect the current royal blue and gold scheme. The word Buffalo at the bottom and the logo makes the jersey. The Color scheme is excellent too.

NO 9: Carolina Hurricanes

The design mirrors that of the Hartford Whalers home white jersey during their inaugural season, but has gray as the primary color, tying together the Whalers and Hurricanes color schemes. The jersey also features the vintage whale shoulder patch. The Whalers logo is so cool, as well as the gray, blue and green.

NO 8: Los Angles Kings

The inspiration for this jersey was the season Wayne Gretzky became the NHL's all-time leading scorer. The 1990s era logo is featured in the founding LA Kings Forum Blue and Gold colors that were on the team's original uniforms in the 1960s and 1970s. The Colors are amazing with the Purple and gold. It reminds me of the LA Lakers Jerseys. This is going to be tremendously popular both in and outside the hockey world.

NO 7: Winnipeg Jets

The Reverse Retro takes the look worn by Dale Hawerchuk and gives it a twist combining the heritage plane crest and "Winnipeg" lettering with the updated Jets colors. The Gray and the light blue colors are amazing. I wish they made this jersey their main one!

NO 6: Montreal Canadiens

The 1976-77 Canadiens served as inspiration for this Reverse Retro, which takes the legendary red jersey and flips it blue. The Canadiens jersey is the cleanest jersey out of all of the reverse retro jerseys. It takes the Habs Classic jersey red look and makes it blue. Wow!

NO 5: San Jose Sharks

The Shark's first third jersey gets a remix with gray taking center stage with teal, black and white accents. The bar for Sharks jerseys is obscenely high, as San Jose has consistently rocked winners throughout the franchise's history. The arms are the best part, with the black, white, and ocean blue make it unique. The Sharks logo is very mean, and coming for you.

NO 4: New York Rangers

The Lady Liberty Logo is back! The original look has been updated with an all-blue sleeve but keeps the silver accents and drop shadow numbers. Very clean look, and represents New York well. Man oh man is Artemi Panarin going to shine bright in these.

NO 3: Florida Panthers

This is a throwback to the Panther's appearance in the Stanley Cup Final, including the pointed sleeve stripes and palm tree graphics. The Old logo is so sick on the jersey. The Colors blend fantastic together, with a very mean look. I will definitely be getting this jersey!

NO 2: Coronado Avalance

A true mashup of old and new, this design features the Quebec Nordiques igloo logo with fleur-de-lis in Avalanche maroon. A true mashup of old and new, this design features the Quebec Nordiques igloo logo with fleur-de-lis in Avalanche maroon. Colorado incorporated their current colors and made one hell of a jersey. The design on the bottom is unmatched.

NO 1: Calgary Flames

HOLY COW! The flaming 'C' is incredible, the logo is very mean and clean looking as well. The all-black color, with red and yellow, makes a very unique look. The jersey is a celebration of Calgary's Western culture, it was the team's home jersey from 2000-03. With the clean piping, excellent color choice, and unique logo, the Flames burn hot here.

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