Ranking Every MLB Teams Best Prospect (30-20)

In today's article, I will be ranking every MLB team's best prospect in the farm system. For those who don't know what a farm system is, it's the leagues that new, or young players play in since MLB players don't go straight to the MLB when drafted most of the time.

*MLB Pipeline rankings accurate as of 8/30/20 when I started writing these articles

#30: Ronny Mauricio (New York Mets)

Ronny Mauricio is a 6'3 shortstop in the NYM organization. Mauricio is a switch-hitter but primarily hits lefty since he has more power from that side. However, on both sides of the plate, Mauricio lacks power and strength which results in a lot of weak ground-ball situations. On the other side of the game, however, Mauricio excels at defense as a well-sized, athletic shortstop with a good arm.

MLB Pipeline rank: #67

#29: Brailyn Marquez (Chicago Cubs)

Even though Marquez has a lower rank than Mauricio, I do think that he is better despite being an underwhelming #1 prospect. Marquez is a 6'4 LHP that has a flaming fastball that can touch up to 102 MPH. Other than his fastball though, his curveball, slider, and changeup don't have great control and are average at best. To make matters worse, as a three-quarter pitcher, repeating his delivery with off-speed pitches will be more difficult and hard to develop.

MLB Pipeline rank: #73

#28: Josh Jung (Texas Rangers)

Josh Jung is your typical third baseman. He hits for power and contact, has a decently good arm, and can play in the field but won't make spectacular plays. Jung was one of the most polished hitters coming into the 2019 MLB Draft. As a right-handed batter, Jung concentrates on driving balls through the gap, rather than swinging for the fences. He's got good bat-speed and could hit 20 or more homers each year, hitting .290+ if everything works out.

MLB Pipeline rank: #58

#27: Garrett Mitchell (Milwaukee Brewers)

Garrett Mitchell is the definition of a contact-hitter. He hits for contact and is fast which allows him to get on base more often on a bunt, or a sharp ground ball to the left side of the infield. Mitchell was drafted 20th overall by the Brewers this year and is only going to get better. In the field, Mitchell can cover a lot of ground in center field, which can be very helpful in any scenario in which the ball gets hit to him. He's also got a strong arm, which pairs well with his speed. He's a do-it-all guy, that Brewers could use when he gets called up in the future.

MLB Pipeline rank: #66

#26: Jeter Downs (Boston Red Sox)

Jeter Downs is a shortstop in the Boston Red Sox organization that doesn't excel much. Unfortunately for Boston, he hasn't panned out as Derek Jeter, whom he was named after. Downs is too impatient at the plate and doesn't have the arm strength to hit for power and make accurate throws from the left side of the infield. One thing for Jeter though is his blazing speed. Whenever and wherever he is on base he's a threat to steal a base which is a valuable thing to have in crunch-time situations.

MLB Pipeline rank: #48

#25: Nick Lodolo (Cincinnati Reds)

Nick Lodolo is a 6'6 pitcher with a three-pitch arsenal consisting of a fastball, slider, and changeup that all have good command. His pitches don't show off much speed but make up for it in placement. His fastball tops out at 96 mph but typically settles around the low 90s. His slider and changeup both go around the low 80s and all break at the right trajectory. In his eight minor league games in single-A and the rookie league, Lodolo pitched 18.1 innings, striking out 30 batters and only giving up 18 hits boasting a 2.45 ERA. If Lodolo can build some muscle on his lean frame, Lodolo could pan out to be a serious weapon for the Reds in the future.

MLB Pipeline rank: #52

#24: Jasson Dominguez (New York Yankees)

Jasson Dominguez is the Yankee's future. Despite being ranked 26th overall on my list, Dominguez has tons of promise and talent at only 17 years old. This guy is the age of a Junior in HS and is already drawing comparisons to Mickey Mantle, Ty Cobb, Bo Jackson, and Mike Trout. At above-average speed, he's a guy that can go for 30-30 in the MLB. Plus, at centerfield that speed plays a huge advantage at Yankee Stadium. Dominguez is also a switch hitter and has a smooth swing on both sides which will lead him to hit for power, contact, and average.

MLB Pipeline rank: #56

#23: Nolan Jones (Cleveland Indians)

Nolan Jones is a third baseman in the Cleveland Indians organization that hits for power and has a strong arm. Jones has a patient approach in the box which leads to a lot of walks and extra-base hits. Despite not being fast, Jones is a better athlete than he seems, his strong arm, footwork, and his improved fielding all help contribute to that greatly. In 1184 AB, Jones is hitting a solid .284 over his career in the minors with 38 bombs, showing hitting ability and power to any side of the diamond.

MLB Pipeline rank: #46

#22: Kristian Robinson (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Kristian Robinson is a versatile outfielder for the Diamondbacks and is only 19 years old. In 2017, the D-Backs invested $2,000,000 into Robinson as the international prospect they would go after, and it has totally paid off. Despite ranking on the lower end of my article, Robinson shows tons of promise and could be in the MLB by next season, making an immediate impact offensively at just 20 years old. Although I don't know too much about Robinson unlike some other prospects, his 6'3, 190 lb build helps him on both sides of the field. In the minors, he's hit 21 home runs in 577 PA, slashing .281/.366/.474.

MLB Pipeline rank: #47

#21: Brendan Rodgers (Colorado Rockies)

Brendan Rodgers has played in the MLB, playing 25 games last season, and just seven this season. This year, Rodger's has gone 2/21. Despite this not being what you want to see out of your #1 guy, we have to remember that under unusual circumstances which explains his poor offensive game from this point. Rodgers is however already 24 years old and has taken a while to develop after being drafted third overall in the 2015 MLB Draft. I do still have faith in Rodgers, but if things don't start to speed up it might be difficult for him to catch up to the competition.

MLB Pipeline rank: #30

#20: Nick Gonzales (Pittsburgh Pirates)

Nick Gonzales was drafted seventh overall by the Pirates in this past draft and has proven to already be MLB ready. In college, there has always been an asterisk around him since he didn't face tough competition at New Mexico State. However, this past summer Nick proved all his haters wrong after winning the Cape Cod League MVP honors this past summer by hitting .351/.451/.630. Gonzales, despite being 5'10 has just as good of a bat as anyone in the draft class and hits for contact very well. He does it with a short and compact swing and a ton of bat speed, controlling the bat head extremely well through the strike zone. In the field, Gonzales plays anywhere in the middle infield and is an average fielder. He'll get the job done, and could show sign of flashiness in the field.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for part two (19-10), featuring prospects such as Sixto Sanchez, Joey Bart and Alec Bohm.

Leave a comment down below if you agree/disagree and where your favorite team ended up if their top prospect was listed in today's article.

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