Re-Drafting the 2012 NBA Draft.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The 2012 NBA Draft Class is a pretty solid draft class. There are very notable players throughout this draft which will make it difficult to decide who goes where, and even if they make the cut for the top 10. We have 6 All-Stars, and multiple NBA champs. In this article I will re-draft the 2012 NBA Draft based on their past eight years of NBA experience

#1 New Orleans Hornets: Anthony Davis

Actual Pick: Anthony Davis

Davis' Draft Slot: #1 New Orleans Hornets

Taking AD at the one pick is a no-brainer. Davis is a top 10 player in the NBA currently, and his team in my eyes, is the front-runner to win the NBA Finals. He's a 7x All-Star, and has been on 3 All-NBA Teams. Davis is a three-time finisher in the top 10 for MVP voting, and is always a candidate to win DPOY. He is one of three players to average at least 24 points, 10 rebounds and 2 blocks on 58% true shooting over his first 8 seasons. The only other two to do this are HOF's, David Robinson and Shaquille O'Neal. Davis is on path to be in the HOF in my eyes, and will certainly solidify his place there if he wins the finals, or an MVP one year.

#2 Charlotte Bobcats: Damian Lillard

Actual Pick: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Lillard's Draft Slot: #6 Portland Trail Blazers

Once again, this pick I don't think is a hard choice at all. Lillard has been putting up all-star numbers his entire career, and has made 5 All-Star teams, and has been named to 4 All-NBA teams as well. Over his career, Dame has put the Blazers on his back, and has lead them to multiple playoff performances, including his 2019 playoff run where they met the Golden State Warriors in the WCF. Dame's confidence, offensive ability, leadership and attitude make him one of the most reliable scoring options in the NBA.

#3 Washington Wizards: Bradley Beal

Actual Pick: Bradley Beal

Beal's Draft Slot: #3 Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal this season proved to everyone that he is an elite offensive scorer in the NBA. However, we must give credit where credit is due, the Wizards are so bad that this insane scoring outburst is partially due to how terrible the Washington Wizards are, there is no denying though that he is a premier player in this league. Beal has had three seasons where he has shot north of 40% from deep, and shoots 38% from three on his career. Each year, Beal has learned to shoot off the dribble as well. In his rookie year, 96% of his 3-point makes were off of assists. That percentage has steadily declined as he got better at ball handing, and became a slippery off-ball player. Beal has a lot of talent, and I could definitely see him becoming an all-star for a very long time.

#4 Cleveland Cavaliers: Khris Middleton

Actual Pick: Dion Waiters

Middletons Draft Slot: #39 Detroit Pistons

You know a draft class is good when the fourth pick in my re-draft is a two time all star and was .1% away from the very exclusive 50/40/90 club. Middleton is an elite second option for the Bucks, and helps the team out with his very efficient scoring. Middleton, for six out of his eight seasons has been ranked in the top 80 percentile among wings in mid-range scoring, and this season ranked in the top 99 percentile among all players for tough-in-between shots made.

#5 Sacramento Kings: Andre Drummond

Actual Pick: Thomas Robinson

Drummond's Draft Slot: #9 Detroit Pistons

Drummond is a premier rebounder, and has lead the league in rebounds four times including this past 2019-2020 season. He also averages a quiet 17 points, two assists and blocks and a steal a game. In a post-centric offensive gameplan, Andre Drummond can get his career right back on track, and make another All-Star Game. In that scenario where most points come off of Drummond backing down defenders in the post he easily would be able to average 20 points and about 20 rebounds a game.

#6 Portland Trail Blazers: Draymond Green

Actual Pick: Damian Lillard

Green's Draft Slot: #35 Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green is one of the most do-it-all players in the NBA right now. Green doesn't exceed at one specific thing compared to all of his other attributes. Of course Draymond is a fantastic defender, and won the DPOY in 2017, but it doesn't make us overlook his passing, rebounding, and his offensive tempo. He is also a 3x All-Star, and has been on the past 5 All-Defensive teams. From now on, Draymond I think will be an 8/8/8 kind of guy with a steal and a block. Green only plays good with other all-stars around him, it's the way he plays the game. Since both splash brothers are coming back though, along with a top pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, Green will have a lot of options and can maybe make another All-Star team.

#7 Golden State Warriors: Harrison Barnes

Actual Pick: Harrison Barnes

Barnes' Draft Slot: #7 Golden State Warriors

Barnes seemed destined to break out after almost averaging 20 points, and five rebounds in 2017 with Dallas. He was doing everything right, but couldn't sustain his success with them after signing a 4-year, $94 million dollar contract. His scoring has dipped every single season since then, and was then traded to the Kings in 2019. Barnes still has a lot of promise after averaging 14 points, and five rebounds. He's an efficient shooter, and in an offensive gameplan that suits his style of play could result in a scoring boost of Barnes.

#8 Toronto Raptors: Evan Fournier

Actual Pick: Terrence Ross

Fournier's Draft Slot: #20 Orlando Magic

Fournier has averaged 15 points for the past five years, and has been an efficient shooter in doing so, with a career low among those five seasons of 43% from the field. His personal success hasn't resulted in much team success, however the Orlando Magic did qualify for the playoffs this season. With the additions of Markelle Fultz, and Jonathan Isaac returning from injury and a top pick in the draft, the Magic might turn it around. This season, Fournier also posted career-highs in points and field goal percentage.

#9 Detroit Pistons: Terrence Ross

Actual Pick: Andre Drummond

Ross' Draft Slot: #8 Toronto Raptors

Ross is known to be a high-flying athletic wing. However, people often forget to notice how efficient Ross is from deep. This season he posted a very impressive 35% from deep on about seven shots from three a game. With four double-digit scoring seasons, along with two 9.9 ppg seasons, Ross provides instant, reliable scoring off the bench for any team. Ross has also high block and steal tendencies for wings with a 2% steal rate, and a 1% block rate.

#10 New Orleans Hornets: Will Barton

Actual Pick: Austin Rivers

Barton's Draft Slot: #40 Portland Trail Blazers

Barton, after being traded from Portland to Denver has made a splash there. Since being shipped to Denver, Barton has scored double digits along with 4.5 rebounds each year with the Nuggets. This year, Barton was a starter and started every game. He posted career highs in points, rebounds, blocks and steals per game. For a wing, he is an above-average playmaker, and can hit shots from deep. He shot 37% from three this season on five attempts.

Comment down below if you think I missed anyone.

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