Re-Drafting the 2017 NBA Draft. (Pt.1)

The 2017 NBA Draft had a lot of hype before the draft. We had Markelle Fultz, whom most people believed would be that third piece the Sixers needed to become a powerhouse in the east. We had Lavar Ball, hyping up his son Lonzo Ball so much, that he claimed if his son Lonzo switched places with 2x MVP Stephen Curry, UCLA would be doing much worse, and the Golden State Warriors would be much better. In this article I will be going through the first 20 picks of this draft, and re-drafting them based on how they have done in the NBA. This is the first part of this 2 part series and in this specific article I will just be going over picks 1-10.

#1 Philadelphia 76ers: Jayson Tatum

Actual Pick: Markelle Fultz

Tatum's draft slot: #3 Boston Celtics

Tatum this year really showed how talented he can be. He's the next up and coming 2-way player who can do it all. Tatum is a hyperefficient 3-point shooter and Among players who have attempted at least 200 pull-up threes on the season, only Damian Lillard (40.1 percent) is more accurate than Tatum (39.9 percent). Tatum this year made his first all-star game by improving his game on all cylinders. In the future, I see Tatum as an MVP candidate or a potential future MVP. Tatum's defense is also very good, and ranks in the top 86 percentile for block and steal rates per opponents offensive possession. Plus, as a 6'8 PF he rebounds well (7.1 rebounds).

#2 Los Angeles Lakers: Donovan Mitchell

Actual Pick: Lonzo Ball

Mitchell's draft slot: #13 Utah Jazz

As soon as Mitchell stepped on an NBA court, he turned the Jazz around. He joined the NBA guns blazing, and never really slowed down. During his rookie year he averaged 20.5 points, 3.7 rebounds and assists and he keeps getting better year by year. Mitchell is also one of 3 players this century to average 22+ points, 4+ rebounds and 4+ assists in their first two years. Lebron and Luka Dončić are the only others to accomplish this. As it is, Mitchell is a 23 year old all-star and a clear #1 scoring option for the Jazz. If he keeps being the #1 scoring option, he can develop more traits that would enhance his play style.

#3 Boston Celtics: De'Aaron Fox

Actual Pick: Jayson Tatum

Fox's draft slot: #5 Sacramento Kings

Although Bam Adebayo was an all-star this year, I still would rathe have De'Aaron Fox over him. He is one of the fastest players in the league, and when driving in the paint he can easily draw fouls. Among players who have played at least 45 games this season, Fox ranks eighth with 10.5 free throw's per 100 possessions. He's a crafty play and is a threat everywhere on the court, whether he is on offense or defense. His only fault in his game is his inconsistent 3-point shooting and his ill-timed injuries. If Fox works on his shooting he will definitely be a force to be reckoned with and make multiple all-star appearances.

#4 Phoenix Suns: Bam Adebayo

Actual Pick: Josh Jackson

Adebayo's draft slot: #14 Miami Heat

Bam was an all-star this year and officially became an elite big man in the league. He is the modern big man made real. Bam can do anything on the court, and this year he made that well-known. Out of all 2017 draftees, Adebayo is first in win shares with 19.2. Nikola Jokic is the NBA's best passer among big men, but Adebayo comes as close to him as anyone. He's averaging 5.1 dimes this season, and his assist rate ranks in the 99th percentile among big men. His passing takes defenders away from his consistent scoring game. He averaged 16.2 points this season on 60.6% true shooting.

#5 Sacramento Kings: John Collins

Actual Pick: De'Aaron Fox

Collins' draft slot: #19 Atlanta Hawks

John Collins is the type of stat-stuffing, highlight-heavy talent the Atlanta Hawks need to complement Trae Young. Collins is a very efficient scorer and ranks in the 89th percentile among bigs in points per shot attemp, and ranks in the 84tht percentile over his career. He's making improvements to his game each season, and put up a career best this season in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and shooting percentage on all cylinders (FG%, FT% and 3PT%).

#6 Orlando Magic: Lonzo Ball

Actual Pick: Jonathan Isaac

Ball's draft slot: #2 Los Angeles Lakers

Lonzo Ball coming into the NBA was overhyped by his dad Lavar, but fell short after only averaging 10.2 points on a horrific 36% shooting. The next year in LA he had an even worse season, and as a result, got traded to the New Orleans Pelicans. In New Orleans though, Lonzo seems to be on the right track. His shooting has gotten a lot better this year, and a transformed 3-point stroke has him hitting 38.3% of his 3-point attempts on 6.5 shots a game. Ball is the only 2017 draftee to average 10+ points, and 6+ assists and rebounds, however if Lonzo wants to take his game to the next level he will need to work harder. Ball lacks beating his man in isolation plays, and even when he doe beat his man, he doesn't finish well at the rim, and tries to avoid contact.

#7 Minnesota Timberwolves: Lauri Markkanen

Actual Pick: Lauri Markkanen

Markkanen's draft slot: #7 Minnesota Timberwolves (traded to Chicago Bulls)

Chicago hasn't been the greatest been the greatest fit for Lauri recently. Actually, let me re-phrase that, Chicago's god-awful coach, Jim Boylen, hasn't been a great fit for Markkanen. We have seen what Lauri can do and in the 2018-2019 season averaged 18.2 points, and 9 rebounds. Lauri has a lot of raw potential that the Bulls haven't been able to really unlock. The new Bulls front office has said that their main goal this offseason is to unlock his potential, and improve Lauri's game.

#8 New York Knicks: Jonathan Isaac

Actual Pick: Frank Ntilikina

Isaac's draft slot: #6 Orlando Magic

Isaac averaged 12.0 points, 6.9 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 1.6 steals and 2.4 blocks in 29.7 minutes per game—all career highs and improved his defense tremendously. The past two seasons Isaac has ranked in the top 20 for blocks, and in 2019 ranked 19th for blocks per game during the 2018-2019 season. In all of NBA history, there are only eight players with 100 career starts, a block rate above 5 percent and a steal rate above 2 percent. Isaac is one of them, despite three injury-riddled seasons.

#9 Dallas Mavericks: Jarrett Allen

Actual Pick: Dennis Smith Jr. Allen's draft slot: #22 Brooklyn Nets

No 2017 pick has more than Allen's 293 blocked shotsor 1665 rebounds, and his 64.1 true shooting percentage is second only to Thomas Bryant. He has the 2nd most win shares out of all 2017 draftees as well. Allen is a conventional center who does his job well and efficiently. He fits his role well and is a reliable scoring option for the Nets when he is needed. This next season we might see a dip in Allen's numbers because of the returns of Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant. Spencer Dinwiddie has also solidified himself to be a great option for the Nets as well, so it may be in Allen's best interest to leave Brooklyn career-wise.

#10 Sacramento Kings: Kyle Kuzma

Actual Pick: Zach Collins (traded to Portland Trail Blazers)

Kuzma's draft slot: #27 Brooklyn Nets (traded to Los Angeles Lakers)

Kuz in his first two years was looking like the next young all-star for the Lakers. This year however he had a major dip in his numbers which might be a little concerning. Anthony Davis and Lebron James would be taking most of the shots, which is why he scored less points. On average he would only shoot 10 shots a game, and on average made 4.7 shots. He has a lot of potential, and like Jarrett Allen, if he really wants to improve his game he might have to leave Los Angeles assuming Anthony Davis re-signs with them.

Comment down below if you agree or disagree with my rankings. I will most likely post picks 11-20 in a few days.

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