Recent NFL Extensions: Pat Mahomes gets PAID! Myles Garrett highest paid DE! And More

Today's article will consist of me giving my opinion on the latest contract extensions to some of the NFL's best players. Reflecting on actual NBA and NFL news like this is something I plan on doing also so stay tuned. Anyways, lets start the article with a massive deal to the best player in the league.

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs agree to 10yr/$503 million deal:

Let me start off by saying this type of money was well deserved for Mahomes. He is only 24 and already has an mvp, a super bowl, and a super bowl mvp, still with his whole career ahead of him. But some people seem to think this deal will reset the quarterback market and that is entirely not true. Patrick Mahomes is only receiving this money because of his talent and accolades at such a young age. Quarterbacks on upcoming deals like Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott have not done much so far in their careers and they are for sure no where near Mahomes talent wise. So don't worry about them making this type of money because there is two markets now, the Mahomes market and the Quarterback market.

Derrick Henry and the Titans agree to a 4yr/$50 million deal:

Most people may disagree when I say this but I believe the Titans should have done things a little bit differently with Derrick Henry. Even when your running back is young teams are reluctant to give them long and pricey deals because they break down at such early ages. The difference here is Derrick Henry isn't young. He is already 26 years old and most running backs break down around 30. Also, his power back play style will not help him stay fresh as he ages. I believe getting Derrick Henry at this deal a few years ago would of been a complete steal for the Titans. But they really should of gave him a short deal and took it from there.

Myles Garrett and Browns agree to 5yr/$125 million deal:

Don't get me wrong Myles Garrett is a good player. But this is a little bit of an overpay for him. Myles Garrett is coming off of a season where he was suspended for hitting a player with a helmet which was extremely uncalled for. This makes me wonder whether he could control his temper in games. Also, he does have a bit of a injury history as he has suffered a concussion, ankle sprain, and foot sprain throughout his NFL career.

Chris Jones and Chiefs agree to a 4yr/$85 million deal:

Nothing at all was wrong with this deal in my opinion. The money and the length was on point considering I believe Chris Jones is a top 3 defensive tackle. The only thing that urks me with this deal is that this is more cap taken up. The Chiefs gave Patrick Mahomes a massive deal that will hurt the cap for years to come. They haven't extended key players like Sammy Watkins and will have to decide between keeping some and letting some walk.

And that is all for this article guys. Let me know what your opinion on these contracts are.

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