Red Sox Sign OF Hunter Renfroe A Breakdown

Boston Red Sox Announce They've signed Hunter Renfroe to a One Year Deal for 3.1MM with an extra 600K available in incentives.

I'm Here to Break this down for you biased and unbiased fans that do and don't use statistics...

Hunter Renfroe... How it began

Drafted By The Red Sox in '10 Draft in the 31st Round but didn't sign and then drafted again in the first round by the San Diego Padres

Here's what you need to know about Minor League Prospect Rankings from Hunter:

Pre-2014, Ranked #80th Best Prospect By Baseball America

Pre-2015, Ranked #73rd Best Prospect By Baseball America

Pre-2016, Ranked #86th Best Prospect By Baseball America

Going into the 2017 MLB season Hunter Renfroe was ranked #44th Best By Baseball America

Hunter Renfroe had good ups and downs in the minors by the ranking shows that he was gonna be a promising young star in the majors for the San Diego Padres

Called up in 2016 but didn't have a full-season stunt until 2018 where he raked baseballs out of the park where he slashed a .231/.284/.467 Line with 26 Home Runs and 58 RBIs, Hunter Renfroe was a power bat and a good defensive player

Then Comes the next season...

Hunter being the power bat he is, does another 26 Home Run Season but gets better on the slash line .248/.302/.504 and was still an outstanding defender

Talk about a breakout year....

2019 came along and Hunter was finally getting his name on the face of the game of power hitters slashing .216/.289/.489 with 31 home runs and was at his highest trade value at that time so during the 2020 Offseason the San Diego Padres make a deal to send Prospect SS Xavier Edwards, PTBNL and Power Bat Hunter Renfroe To Tampa for Power and Contact Bat OF Tommy Pham, Future Breakout Star 2B Jake Cronensworth.

This made Tampa's Ace Furious

When Blake Snell Found Out About this he was furious on Twitch Live Saying some Rude Stuff About Xavier Edwards to then call Xavier telling him sorry about calling him a slapdick prospect

The Clip Above Shows Rays Ace Blake Snell Reacting To The Tommy Pham Trade:

As you can see Blake wasn't too happy but in the end, we did see the departure of the main trade piece, so now blake has to find a way to get rid of the slapdick prospect in Xavier Edwards

Besides his Horrendous 2020 his career has been good so in this case

I.THINK.WE.GOT.A.STEALLLLLLLLLLLL for a free 3.1MM for Renfroe and Boston Fans

and with that I'm Out

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