Redrafting the 1st Round of the 2018 NFL Draft

In today’s article I’m going to be redrafting the 1st round of the 2018 NFL Draft, and I’ll be keeping the same trades in the redraft that happened in the real draft.

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1) Browns:

Original Pick: Baker Mayfield

New Pick: Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks and is by far the best player to come out of the 2018 NFL Draft. In a do over, it’s a no brainer for the Browns to get Jackson at number one.

2) Giants:

Original Pick: Saquon Barkley

New Pick: Saquon Barkley

At number two, I think the Giants hit the nail on the head in 2018. Barkley, when healthy, has shown that he has the makings of a generational running back, and New York is going to be lucky to have him around for the long run.

3) Jets:

Original Pick: Sam Darnold

New Pick: Baker Mayfield

In this scenario, the Jets would still need a franchise quarterback. Although I don’t think Darnold was a bad pick at number three, Baker Mayfield is a more talented player and would probably be a better personality under New York’s bright lights.

4) Browns:

Original Pick: Denzel Ward

New Pick: Jaire Alexander

The Browns did not mess this pick up in 2018 by selecting Denzel Ward. Yet at the end of the day, Jaire Alexander is probably a top ten corner in the NFL, where Ward wouldn’t be in that same conversation.

5) Broncos:

Original Pick: Bradley Chubb

New Pick: Bradley Chubb

Sticking to Chubb here may be a little bit controversial, but when healthy, Chubb has shown promise. In his rookie year, Chubb racked up twelve sacks. As Von Miller is only getting older, it makes sense to get a young and explosive sack machine like Chubb.

6) Colts:

Original Pick: Quenton Nelson

New Pick: Quenton Nelson

Ever since Nelson was drafted by the Colts sixth overall in 2018, Indianapolis’ offensive line has been a focal point of the Colts franchise. Plus, with Nelson being arguably the best guard in the NFL, it’s not a shock that I have the Colts picking Nelson again in my redraft.

7) Bills:

Original Pick: Josh Allen

New Pick: Josh Allen

Although Josh Allen may not be as polished as Sam Darnold, Allen has found success in Buffalo as an efficient and effective dual threat quarterback. He’s got all the tools to be successful in the long run, and his athletic abilities are off the charts. Plus, Allen’s grown into a great leader and is a perfect fit for Buffalo’s style of football. If Buffalo got the chance to take Allen again, I don’t think they’d regret it.

8) Bears:

Original Pick: Roquan Smith

New Pick: Darius Leonard

Looking back on the 2018 NFL Draft, Roquan Smith wasn’t a bad pick. He has potential and he’s been solid for the Bears thus far. But at the end of the day, he hasn’t played at an All Pro level yet, and not only has Darius Leonard already made a Pro Bowl, but he's one of the NFL’s best young linebackers.

9) 49ers:

Original Pick: Mike McGlinchey

New Pick: Orlando Brown Jr.

Once again, Mike McGlinchey wasn’t a bad pick for San Francisco. He’ll be a lock at tackle for the 49ers, but Brown is simply a better player. No disrespect to McGlinchey, but Brown’s already a former Pro Bowler and is simply a better right tackle than McGlinchey is at this point in their careers.

10) Cardinals:

Original Pick: Josh Rosen

New Pick: Sam Darnold

After taking arguably the biggest bust in the 2018 NFL Draft, Arizona gets to draft Sam Darnold. Darnold has shown that he can be a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL. No question marks here.

11) Dolphins:

Original Pick: Minkah Fitzpatrick

New Pick: Derwin James

Fitzpatrick and James are two of the NFL’s best safeties. If Miami selected either in a redraft, it would still be a great pick. But at the end of the day, Fitzpatrick had a falling out with the club, and if the Dolphins had picked Derwin James over Fitzpatrick, they’d probably still have an elite safety in their secondary.

12) Bucs:

Original Pick: Vita Vea

New Pick: Vita Vea

To be honest it was between getting Vea again or Da’Ron Payne. With Vea though, the Bucs have a super solid defensive tackle who’s good at getting to the quarterback where Payne is more of a run stuffer. In today’s NFL where getting pressure to the quarterback is so important, it makes sense that teams would probably prioritize Vea over Payne.

13) Washington:

Original Pick: Da’Ron Payne

New Pick: DJ Moore

Payne was a great pick for Washington’s defensive line, but Washington hasn’t had a 1,000 yard receiver since Desean Jackson and Pierre Garçon in 2016. Therefore, getting DJ Moore who was a 1,000 yard receiver in 2019 makes a lot of sense for Washington’s passing game.

14) Saints:

Original Pick: Marcus Davenport

New Pick: Calvin Ridley

Marcus Davenport, prior to the 2020 NFL season, has only put up 10.5 career sacks. Therefore, with the Saints’ hole at receiver being well documented over the past few seasons, why not give them the speedster in Calvin Ridley? Ridley is a great second option, and his speed really helps stretch the field. Imagine if Brees had had Ridley and Michael Thomas to throw to; maybe those Saints teams wouldn’t have fell out of firepower in the playoffs.

15) Raiders:

Original Pick: Kolton Miller

New Pick: Mike McGlinchey

McGlinchey is simply a better tackle than Miller, and although McGlinchey is a right tackle, I’m sure he could swap over to left tackle to protect Derek Carr's blindside.

16) Bills:

Old Pick: Tremaine Edmunds

New Pick: Roquan Smith

Don’t get me wrong, Tremaine Edmunds is an awesome linebacker playing at a Pro Bowl level, but I feel like the Bills would go with the guy with a higher ceiling in Roquan Smith. Smith is a great talent and has more potential than Edmunds. Based on potential and value, I think the Bills would go with Smith in a redraft.

17) Chargers:

Old Pick: Derwin James

New Pick: Minkah Fitzpatrick

Safeties aren’t really valued that highly in the first round; that’s why Fitzpatrick fell. But after missing out on Derwin James, the Chargers fill a position of need with an elite playmaker.

18) Packers:

Old Pick: Jaire Alexander

New Pick: Denzel Ward

In the redraft, Ward slides all the way down to eighteen which would be a steal. In theory another team would probably take him before then, but the Packers seem like a great fit. They still get a great young corner to help build that secondary.

19) Cowboys:

Old Pick: Leighton Vander Esch

New Pick: Leighton Vander Esch

Now maybe Tremaine Edmunds being passed up surprises you, but the truth is that Leighton Vander Esch has been an absolute star for the Cowboys’ defense. Why mess with that?

20) Lions:

Old Pick: Frank Ragnow

New Pick: Frank Ragnow

There may be a more sexy player than Ragnow still available, but working off the Leighton Vander Esch logic, I’m sure that Detroit would be more than happy to redraft Ragnow, who’s one of the best centers in the entire NFL.

21) Bengals:

Old Pick: Billy Price

New Pick: Mark Andrews

Although Tyler Eifert would have still been in Cincinnati at this point, Eifert was rarely healthy. So getting a tight end who could have been as dynamic as Mark Andrews would have been a great addition to the Bengals passing game.

22) Titans:

Old Pick: Rashaan Evans

New Pick: Tremaine Edmunds

With multiple teams passing up on Edmunds, the Titans would have been more than happy enough to snag him to rebuild their linebacking corps.

23) Patriots:

Original Pick: Isaiah Wynn

New Pick: Nick Chubb

Although it may be ludicrous to say that Chubb wouldn’t have gone higher in a redraft, keep in mind that there are a lot of solid players in this draft class. Plus, running backs aren’t necessarily valued positions in the first round, but at #23, the Patriots would be crazy not to snag him.

24) Panthers:

Original Pick: DJ Moore

New Pick: Da'Ron Payne

In this redraft, Moore’s already been drafted, so why not give Carolina a great run stuffer at the defensive tackle position? Over the past few seasons, Carolina has been horrible against defending the run, so Payne would have been an awesome scheme fit at #24.

25) Ravens:

Original Pick: Hayden Hurst

New Pick: Fred Warner

Hayden Hurst was not what the Ravens wanted from their first round pick back in 2018. Although Fred Warner wouldn’t have really filled a huge position of need for the Ravens at linebacker, he’s one of the NFL’s better young linebackers, and would’ve added another star to that star studded Ravens defense.

26) Falcons:

Old Pick: Calvin Ridley

New Pick: Courtland Sutton

Although in my redraft the Falcons miss out on the speed threat in Calvin Ridley, they still get a great jump ball receiver in Courtland Sutton to pair next to Julio Jones. Sutton and Jones would create a wide receiver tandem that would force corners to play physical, causing lots of penalties, and making the Falcons into one of the best red zone teams in the NFL.

27) Seahawks:

Original Pick: Rashaad Penny

New Pick: Braden Smith

Rashaad Penny was a huge bust. Chris Carson basically stole his job and ran with it. Yet with Braden Smith still on the board it seems like a no brainer. Russell Wilson has been behind some bad offensive lines and bookending that Seahawks offensive line with two legitimate offensive tackles in Duane Brown and Braden Smith would have made a lot of sense for Seattle.

28) Steelers:

Original Pick: Terrell Edmunds

New Pick: DJ Chark

Terrell Edmunds has been a solid safety for Pittsburgh, but he hasn’t played up to being a former first rounder. Although DJ Chark seems like a luxury pick for the Steelers here at #28, he’d only make Pittsburgh’s offense even better by giving them another 1,000 yard receiver and adding a big play and touchdown threat to an already potent offense. Who wouldn’t want that?

29) Jaguars:

Original Pick: Taven Bryan

New Pick: Michael Gallup

Taven Bryan has not lived up to his first round hype, so why not give the Jaguars a legitimate receiver who can make a big impact in Jacksonville’s passing game? Gallup is an all around weapon as a wideout and he would’ve been a good addition to Jacksonville’s offense.

30) Vikings:

Original Pick: Mike Hughes

New Pick: Marcus Davenport

Although Davenport hasn’t really played exceptionally well in his time in New Orleans, he’s still been a solid sack guy and would’ve probably been good value at the end of the first round. He’s got all the physical tools and traits, and he would've learned from some big sack guys like Everson Griffin and Danielle Hunter.

31) Patriots:

Old Pick: Sony Michel

New Pick: Kolton Miller

I’ve already given the Patriots Nick Chubb, so let’s give them a tackle to replace the Isaiah Wynn pick. In my eyes, Kolton Miller is a solid left tackle, who although hasn’t played as well as the Raiders would’ve hoped, is still worthy of a late first round pick. Especially in a league where even average tackles are hard to find, getting a starting caliber left tackle late in the first round is solid value.

32) Ravens:

Original Pick: Lamar Jackson

New Pick: Phillip Lindsay

Although Lamar Jackson would’ve never fallen to #32 in a 2018 redraft, let’s still give Baltimore an absolute offensive weapon in Phillip Lindsay. Originally undrafted, Lindsay’s rushed for over 1,000 yards each of the last two seasons and has shown that he can be a valuable member of Denver’s run and passing game. As an all around threat, Lindsay would definitely have helped out the Ravens offense at the end of the first round.

Do you agree with my redraft? Why or why not? Leave your comments in the comment section down below!

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