Redrafting the First Round of the 2016 NFL Draft

The 2016 draft class had a lot of talent spaced out over all seven rounds. The draft favored the defensive side of the ball, but there was plenty of offensive talent as well. The first round had a few questionable selections and is one of the least successful first rounds in recent memory. This draft included notable players like Dak Prescott, Jalen Ramsey, Joey Bosa, Jared Goff, Kevin Byard, Justin Simmons, Michael Thomas, Ezekiel Elliot, and Tyreek Hill.

(1) Los Angeles Rams

Original pick- Jared Goff QB/California

New pick- Dak Prescott QB/Mississippi St.

Originally picked: 4th round(135th overall) by the Dallas Cowboys

I think it's safe to say Dak has been the best quarterback in the 2016 draft class. Although both Goff and Wentz's teams have been to the Super Bowl, their individual success hasn't been as high as Prescott's. Before his 2020 season-ending injury, Dak recorded 17634 yards, 106 touchdowns, and a 66% completion rate in career totals. He has also achieved a 42-27 QB record and has thrown for over 3500 yards each full season he has played. Dak went 13-3 during his rookie year, which was surprising for a fourth-round pick. He would be better for L. A and provide a more mobile option at QB, Dak would also make better decisions with the ball. The Rams needed a quarterback and it would not have been a realistic redraft if I didn't have them still taking one.

(2) Philadelphia Eagles

Original pick- Carson Wentz QB/North Dakota St.

New pick- Derrick Henry RB/Alabama

Originally picked: 2nd round(45th overall) by the Tennessee Titans

Ok hear me out, would the Eagles rather have an unstoppable force and the leagues leading rusher, or an injury and turnover-prone quarterback that didn't even win them the Super Bowl? It's no secret how great Henry is, Nick Foles could have been released by the Rams or traded to the Eagles to fill their QB situation for a year, Henry would have been a big part of the offense and would have been behind an Eagles O-line that actually performed up to expectations. In 2019, Derrick ran for 1540 yards and 16 touchdowns, once he gets his legs going, his speed increases and he is almost impossible to bring down, he also has a deadly stiff arm that has made an appearance on multiple occasions. Henry would make Philadelphia's offense more diverse and take the pressure off and open up the passing game, I think this is the correct pick.

(3) San Diego Chargers

Original pick- Joey Bosa DE/Ohio State

New pick- Joey Bosa DE/Ohio State

Originally picked: 1st round(3rd overall) by the San Diego Chargers

Joey Bosa remains the first defensive player off the board. Bosa has been a machine on the Chargers defensive line, he has 44.5 sacks, 217 tackles, 60 TFLs, 93 QB hits, and 5 forced fumbles in 57 career games. Bosa will ultimately be the Melvin Ingram replacement when he chooses to retire, as of now Bosa is playing his own role and the two make quite a pair. Joey has been a Pro Bowler twice and has stayed relatively healthy, the Chargers made the perfect pick here at 3rd overall.

(4) Dallas Cowboys

Original pick- Ezekiel Elliot RB/Ohio State

New pick- Ezekiel Elliot RB/Ohio State

Originally picked: 1st round(4th overall) by the Dallas Cowboys

The term 'feed Zeke' is thrown around by Cowboys' fans and others, and feed him the Cowboys should. Elliot has been far from a bust, his rushing stats during his rookie year were insane, 1631 yards, 15 touchdowns, 5.1 yards per carry, Ezekiel was unstoppable. Zeke is somewhat underrated, he has carried this Dallas offense through games with his rushing and receiving talents. He has had three 1000+ yard rushing seasons, I think it is safe to say he is worth the 4th overall selection. Although his 2020 hasn't been great and he is someone Dallas could possibly trade if Tony Pollard continues to improve.

(5) Jacksonville Jaguars

Original pick- Jalen Ramsey CB/Florida St.

New pick- Jalen Ramsey CB/Florida St.

Originally picked: 1st round(5th overall) by the Jacksonville Jaguars

Although Jalen Ramsey is no longer a Jaguar, he is still the best player on the board by this selection. Ramsey was a vital part of the Jacksonville secondary from 2016-2019, then he was traded to the Rams. His career totals are amazing with only playing five years in the NFL, he has totaled 11 INTs, 264 tackles, 52 passes defended, 3 forced fumbles, a touchdown, and many big hits. He plays the game with passion and love for the game. The only downside to him is his attitude on the field, but I think teams could look past it as he hasn't had any costly big game penalties to my remembrance. Jalen remains a top corner in the league and as of now, he is the heart of the Los Angeles secondary.

(6) Baltimore Ravens

Original pick- Ronnie Stanley OT/Notre Dame

New pick- Ronnie Stanley OT/Notre Dame

Originally picked: 1st round(6th overall) by the Baltimore Ravens

During the time of this writing, Ronnie Stanley has signed a five-year contract extension worth $98.75 million dollars with the Baltimore Ravens. At this place in his five-year career, Ronnie has allowed only eight sacks and committed 28 penalties during 61 career games. In 2019 he was a Pro Bowler and a First-Team All-Pro, replacing Marshall Yanda as their premier offensive lineman. He is relatively healthy, except for suffering a 2020 season-ending injury.

(7) San Fransisco 49ers

Original pick- DeForest Buckner DE/Oregon

New pick- Chris Jones DT/Mississippi St.

Originally picked: 2nd round(37th overall) by the Kansas City Chiefs

Chris Jones is one of the feared defensive linemen in the league, I'd give him tier one, Aaron Donald is a tier all by himself. Chris Jones exploded in 2018 with 15.5 sacks, an interception, a touchdown, 40 tackles, and two forced fumbles. Jones would improve the 49er's defensive line and give them the ability to play him at defensive end as well. He would fit perfectly in the middle of that line and no running back could get passes him.

(8) Tennessee Titans

Original pick- Jack Conklin OT/Michigan St.

New pick- Michael Thomas WR/Ohio St.

Originally picked: 2nd round(47th overall) by the New Orleans Saints

Michael Thomas is a top-five receiver in the NFL, something Tennessee needs. Once again, the Titan's main offensive playmaker is Derrick Henry, but what about their passing attack? AJ Brown, Jonnu Smith, and Corey Davis are the only top targets for Ryan Tannehill and he has been throwing less to Smith. Thomas would drastically change that Tennessee offense, he would provide height, amazing hands, athleticism, and a slot and outside receiver. In 2019, Thomas led the league with 1725 receiving yards and 149 catches, he also tallied nine touchdowns.

(9) Chicago Bears

Original pick- Leonard Floyd OLB/Georgia

New pick- Myles Jack OLB/UCLA

Originally picked: 2nd round(36th overall) by the Jacksonville Jaguars

Myles Jack has been the staple of Jacksonville's defense over the past few seasons. Jack isn't your typical rush the passer linebacker, in fact, he doesn't get many sacks at all with 6.5 career sacks. Myles would help Chicago's defense and not have to rely only on Khalil Mack and have a great player to put on tight ends, which they have struggled with. The Bears need a sideline to sideline linebacker to assist on outside run plays and screen passes, Myles Jack runs a 4.5 40-yard dash, considering how big he is that's pretty fast. Myles Jack has totaled 361 tackles, 15 TFLs, 6.5 sacks, three interceptions, four fumble recoveries, two forced fumbles, two-touchdown, and 15 QB hits in a five-year career and has only missed seven games as of Week 13 of the 2020 NFL season.

(10) New York Giants

Original pick- Eli Apple CB/Ohio St.

New pick- Tyreek Hill WR/West Alabama

Originally picked: 5th round(165th overall) by the Kansas City Chiefs

I understand that New York needs defensive help at this point, but considering their wide receiver situation now, it seems like Tyreek and Saquon Barkley would be a killer combo. Hill did have attitude problems coming out of college, Andy Reid is one of the only coaches who is capable of handling it, so this might be a bit unrealistic. Tyreek has dominated the league since teaming up with Patrick Mahomes in 2018, in his career he has 349 catches, 5139 yards, 50 touchdowns, and an average of 67.8 catch percentage as of week 13 of the 2020 season. Hill is the route runner the Giants are missing, he can run any kind of route and if you throw it deep he is bound to have separation because of his 4.29 speed. Darius Slayton is a fantastic number two and a healthy Saquon Barkley would make a killer offense, all they need is an offensive line.

(11) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Original pick- Vernon Hargreaves III CB/Florida

New pick- Justin Simmons S/Boston College

Originally picked: 3rd round(98th overall) by the Denver Broncos

Justin Simmons has been a top-five safety since he became a full-time starter in 2018. Simmons is a ballhawk and a hard-hitting player, one of the few players at his position who do both. He wouldn't make a total impact right away in Tampa if drafted there, the team was broken down and they were trying to fix offense and defense at the same time. If he was there now, their defense would be even better and Tom Brady would be on the field more. Simmons gives run support and can catch up to players who break into the secondary. His football IQ is quite high and his ability to be around the ball wherever would be loved by Bruce Arians. His career stats as of week 13 in 2020 include 15 interceptions, a touchdown, one fumble recovery, 35 passes defended, 357 tackles, two sacks, and nine TFLs.

(12) New Orleans Saints

Original pick- Sheldon Rankins DT/Louisville

New pick- Kenny Clark DT/UCLA

Originally picked: 1st round(27th overall) by the Green Bay Packers

New Orleans loves their defensive line, they have spent many first-round picks on defensive linemen, with Sheldon's spotty injury history and inconsistent performances, Kenny Clark seems to fit well here. Clark is the run stopper on Green Bay, when he is out their run defense takes a huge hit and is not the same. New Orleans doesn't have a true nose tackle, Kenny Clark would fill that spot. Among Marcus Davenport and Cameron Jordan on the outside, Clark would read havoc on the inside. His career stats up until week 13 of the 2020 season include 17.5 sacks, 25 TFLs, 216 tackles, four forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries, and 29 QB hits. He gets pressure and would change the New Orleans defense and boost their run defense drastically.

(13) Miami Dolphins

Original pick- Laremy Tunsil OT/Mississippi

New pick- Ryan Kelly C/Alabama

Originally picked: 1st round(18th overall) by the Indianapolis Colts

Ryan Kelly has been nothing but solid for Indianapolis, he has allowed three sacks as of week 13 in the 2020 season and has had two seasons with no sacks allowed. Kelly is big enough where he could play tackle or rotate between the two positions. Ryan is a great run blocker and could pave way for the Miami running backs for years to come. He has missed 14 games in five years of playing, that's incredible for an offensive lineman. This pick would have replaced Mike Pouncey, who was 26 and not very good at the time, plus Kelly would be cheaper.

(14) Oakland Raiders

Original pick- Karl Joseph S/West Virginia

New pick- Kevin Byard S/Middle Tennessee St.

Originally picked: 3rd round(64th overall) by the Tennessee Titans

Kevin Byard shot onto the scene in 2017 with eight interceptions, 16 passes defended, and 87 tackles which earned him Pro Bowl and First-Team All-Pro honors. He has never missed a game and would be the standout star of the Raiders secondary. He is capable of rushing the passer which is good for Las Vegas. The turnover rate on that defense would go up and he can almost act like a drone and pick who he wants to cover. Byard sees the field well and that is why he has 17 carer interceptions along with three sacks, 390 tackles, a forced fumble, two fumble recoveries, and 13 TFLs in his career before week 13 of the 2020 NFL season.

(15) Cleveland Browns

Original pick- Corey Coleman WR/Baylor

New pick- Hunter Henry TE/Arkansas

Originally picked: 2nd round(35th overall) by the San Diego Chargers

Hunter Henry looks like a tight end but plays more like a receiver, the routes he runs and his extreme hands make him more of a wide receiver. Henry was a top target when Phillip Rivers was with LAC, we all know he loves his tight ends. Cleveland had a short stint with Jordan Cameron and at this time he wasn't dominant anyone because of multiple concussions. Henry would have been the showcased player on the Browns 2016 offense that consisted of Duke Johnson, Isaiah Crowell, Terrelle Pryor, and Robert Griffin III. Henry would still be an amazing player for them in 2020 and would be a big part of their red-zone and run plays. His career stats up until week 13 of the 2020 NFL season include 184 catches, 20 touchdowns, 2211 yards, and a catch percentage of 68.9.

(16) Detroit Lions

Original pick- Taylor Decker OT/Ohio St.

New pick- Joe Thuney OG/NC State

Originally picked: 3rd round(78th overall) by the New England Patriots

Joe Thuney is possibly the best young offensive lineman in the league. He started in his rookie year and allowed four sacks on 1113 snaps. Thuney has held the New England interior together and has allowed 11 sacks in five years as of week 13 in the 2020 season. Although Detroit needed a tackle, Joe could swing out to tackle because of how tall he is, plus he is a top-three offensive lineman in the draft.

(17) Atlanta Falcons

Original pick- Keanu Neal S/Florida

New pick- Xavien Howard CB/Baylor

Originally picked: 2nd round(38th overall) by the Miami Dolphins

This pick would have been good for two reasons, one reason is that after the 2019 season, Atlanta lost Desmond Trufant to the Lions in free agency and the other reason is that he could play safety. Howard has been the staple of Miami's defense since Minkah Fitzpatrick was traded but is currently on the trade block. In Atlanta, he would provide turnovers and would be a pretty solid corner. He can stick with his receiver and can come up and tackle if a running back gets into the secondary. His career stats up until week 13 of the 2020 season are 19 interceptions, one touchdown, 50 passes defended, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery, one sack, 175 tackles, and six TFLs.

(18) Indianapolis Colts

Original pick- Ryan Kelly C/Alabama

New pick- Jack Conklin OT/Michigan State

Originally picked: 1st round(8th overall) by the Tennessee Titans

For the past couple of years, Conklin has had injury issues. He played less than 500 snaps in 2018 and less than 950 in 2019. He has yet to make a Pro Bowl but was First-Team All-Pro in 2016. With the Colts, he could have been a bridge player or a starter. Jack is built like a run blocker, he is big and heavy, he can move almost any defensive lineman. The Colts have built a strong offensive line but there is a possibility that Indianapolis could make him a better player. He has allowed thirteen sacks since 2016.

(19) Buffalo Bills

Original pick- Shaq Lawson DE/Clemson

New pick- DeForest Buckner DT/Oregon

Originally picked: 1st round(7th overall) by the San Fransisco 49ers

DeForest Bucker would join Kyle Williams, Marcell Dareus, and Jerry Hughes who were all at elite levels in 2015. Bucker is the Mario Williams replacement, and it is an upgrade. In Indianapolis, he has been playing defensive end, in Buffalo that is where they would mainly use him. Bucker can break through any offensive line and wreak havoc on the opposing quarterback. He has 33 sacks and 93 QB hits during his career, along with four forced fumbles, eight fumble recoveries, and 44 TFLs. Bucker also has tallied 307 tackles and a touchdown. If we fast forward to 2020, Bucker would make this Buffalo pass rush deadly and lock them in as a contender.

(20) New York Jets

Orignal pick- Darron Lee OLB/Ohio St.

New pick- Jared Goff QB/Californa

Originally picked: 1st round(1st overall) by the Los Angeles Rams

The Jets had short-term quarterbacks rostered after the 2015 season, Jared Goff is the second-best quarterback in this class, per your opinion of course. Goff would be the Jets franchise QB and that means no Sam Darnold, free to spend a possible lower pick on other needs. Jared would provide New York with a strong-armed and big-bodied QB. Goff had a down year in 2019 but has since bounced back in 2020 and is leading the 9-4 Rams to a playoff berth. His career stats (as of week 14)include 17591 yards, 104 touchdowns, 1474 completions, 92.3 QB rating, 52 interceptions, and 63.6 completion percentage. He gives a spark to his team and has an NFC Championship and two Pro Bowls attached to his name.

(21) Houston Texans

Orignal pick- Will Fuller WR/Notre Dame

New pick- Tyler Boyd WR/Pittsburgh

Originally picked: 2nd round(55th overall) by the Cincinnati Bengals

Tyler Boyd is ultimately the AJ Green replacement in Cincinnati, but in Houston, he would have joined DeAndre Hopkins until 2020 and would play alongside him, unlike the injury-prone Will Fuller. Boyd is a huge part of the Bengal's offense and plays the role of the motivator. He is a physical receiver and catches tough passes. His height makes gives him advantages against small corners as well as some safties. His career stats include 315 catches, 19 touchdowns, 3699 yards, 67.6 catch percentage, 54.4 yards per game, and 68 games played. With Deshaun Watson needing a number one desperately, Tyler Boyd would be Watson's go-to guy.

(22) Washington Redskins

Orignal pick- Josh Doctson WR/TCU

New pick- Joe Schobert ILB/Wisconsin

Originally picked: 4th round(99th overall) by the Cleveland Browns

Schobert plays more inside linebacker, something Washington needed help with then. Joe earned Pro Bowl honors in 2017 and also led the league in tackles in 2017 with 144. Schobert has a nose for the football and is always making tackles, which is what the front four only do in Washington in 2020. Joe is a thumper and his stats prove it, he has 513 career tackles as well as eight forced fumbles and one touchdown. He also has ten sacks, 19 TFLs, 23 QB hits, eight interceptions, and three fumble recoveries. Joe Schobert is underappreciated as a middle linebacker and keeps the middle of the field safe.

(23) Minnesota Vikings

Orignal pick- Laquon Treadwell WR/Mississippi

New pick- Austin Hooper TE/Stanford

Originally picked: 3rd round(81st overall) by the Atlanta Falcons

Austin Hooper plays like a wide receiver, as Kyle Rudolph receives less and less of a role, Minnesota needs a new tight end. Hooper is a great blocking and receiving tight end, he is used in Clevland very strategically. As a Viking, he would be a top target because Teddy Bridgewater loved Kyle Rudolph. In his career, Hooper has 244 receptions, 2530 yards, 18 touchdowns, 10.4 yards per reception, and a 68.2% catch percentage. Austin is a reliable red-zone target and would also be great at paving the way for Dalvin Cook like he does Nick Chubb.

(24) Cincinnati Bengals

Orignal pick- William Jackson III CB/Houston

New pick- Yannick Ngakoue DE/Maryland

Originally picked: 3rd round(69th overall) by the Jacksonville Jaguars

Yannick Ngakoue has been nothing short of a great player, making the Pro Bowl in 2017 with twelve sacks and six forced fumbles, Yannick was set for a payday. He has been traded twice and has been rostered with three teams in 2020. If drafted to the Bengals, he would have teamed up with Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, Domata Peko, and Micheal Johnson who were all at elite levels in 2015. He would eventually earn his way into the starting job in 2017. In his career, Ngakoue has 43.5 sacks, 140 tackles, 17 forced fumbles, two touchdowns, two interceptions, 47 TFLs, and 93 QB hits. Add him to a growing Bengals defensive line along with some newcomers and they are growing nicely.

(25) Pittsburgh Steelers

Orignal pick Artie Burns CB/Miami

New pick- James Bradberry CB/Samford

Originally picked: 2nd round(65th overall) by the Carolina Panthers

After the 2019 season, James Bradberry was a huge free-agent splash, he signed a three-year $43.5 million dollar contract with $32 million guaranteed with the New York Giants. He would fit perfectly in Pittsburgh because of the lack of talent at corner and how small they are. Bradberry has a career total of 63 passes defended, something Pittsburgh corners had trouble within 2016 and before. In the last three years, he has allowed a high of 16 yards per competition in 2018, almost every stat was at a career-low. In his career, he has 11 interceptions, four forced fumbles, a fumble recovery, three sacks, seven TFLs, and 319 tackles. James Bradberry has turned into a number one corner and is still getting better, he would be a great addition in 2016 to an already weak secondary.

(26) Denver Broncos

Orignal pick- Paxton Lynch QB/Memphis

New pick- Graham Glasgow OG/Michigan

Originally picked: 3rd round(95th overall) by the Detroit Lions

Graham Glasgow is currently playing as an offensive guard for Denver, although he was drafted as a center. Denver needed both of those positions after their Super Bowl run but ended drafting a huge bust in Paxton Lynch. The Denver offensive line is sturdy, but they commit a ton of penalties, mainly committed by Garret Bolles. Glasgow has allowed eight sacks since 2016 and has committed 27 penalties over the span of being with two teams. Glasgow helps the run game and is tall enough to even play tackle at 6'6. Lastly, he has only missed five games throughout his career, three of those five coming in 2020, he is almost always healthy.

(27) Green Bay Packers

Orignal pick- Kenny Clark DT/UCLA

New pick- Deion Jones ILB/LSU

Originally picked: 2nd round(52nd overall) by the Atlanta Falcons

Deion Jones was an important player during Atlanta's Super Bowl run in 2016, he led the league in defensive touchdowns and defensive yards off interceptions. Jones is a sideline-to-sideline linebacker with his 4.38 speed, something Green Bay has always missed. This would be a good fit for the Packers because they lose Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, and Jake Ryan in the next 1-2 years, plus it still helps their run defense. Jones can also make plays on the ball that include turnovers, he has eleven interceptions, two forced fumbles, and two fumble recoveries in his career. Deion also lets nothing get past him, he 487 tackles and 5.5 sacks, as well as 31 TFLs. He would help Green Bay contain the outside and help cover the middle of the field.

(28) San Fransisco 49ers

Orignal pick- Joshua Garnett OG/Stanford

New pick- Carson Wentz QB/North Dakota St.

Originally picked: 1st round(2nd overall) by the Philadelphia Eagles

A lot of people will disagree with me, but hear me out. Carson Wentz isn't all that bad, the system in Philadelphia has failed him. In 2017 he was playing at an MVP level before tearing his ACL in week 13, after he came back from that injury is when he started to hang onto the ball too long and only look at one receiver, they stopped running the football. Wentz threw 21 touchdowns and seven interceptions the following year in 2018, and in 2019 threw 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions. This year his offensive line has been hurt and worse than usual. With the offensive line the 49ers put together and a more stable team around him, Carson would take off under Kyle Shannahan and the coaching staff. With a good defense, a reliable pass and run game, and a solid offensive line, Carson Wentz would finally perform to his full potential. Carson's career stats include 16811 yards, 113 touchdowns, 50 interceptions, 1562 completions, and a 247.2 yards per game average.

(29) Arizona Cardinals

Orignal pick- Robert Nkemdiche DT/Mississippi

New pick- Jaylon Smith OLB/Notre Dame

Originally picked: 2nd round(34th overall) by the Dallas Cowboys

Jaylon Smith is a player who has recently started performing in the past three seasons. He did not see any playing time in the NFL during his rookie season. Jaylon, like Myles Jack and other linebackers in the draft, is a sideline-to-sideline player, he has good speed for the position at 4.4 seconds. Smith would be a very important player for Arizona during 2016-2018 because they had little talent and players who were out of their prime. Smith is an excellent tackler with ball skills few NFL linebackers have. His career stats include 467 tackles, nine sacks, two interceptions, six forced fumbles, one touchdown, four fumble recoveries, 20 TFLs, and has never missed a game. A somewhat underrated player, but wherever there is a ball, Jaylon Smith will be either making the tackle or creating a pile.

(30) Carolina Panthers

Orignal pick- Vernon Butler DT/Lousiana Tech

New pick- Matt Judon DE/Grand Vally St.

Originally picked: 5th round(146th overall) by the Baltimore Ravens

Matt Judon has been played as an outside linebacker for the Ravens for his entire career, but he is a 4-3 defensive lineman. Judon has been a dominant playmaker for Baltimore and his 32.5 sacks and seven forced fumbles say so. Matt signed a franchise tender over this past offseason and he is due for a contract, Baltimore needs to resign him. In Carolina, he would be a rushing defensive lineman and probably play on the line because of the 4-3 scheme the Panthers run. His 225 tackles and 100 QB hits are more statements that he would play defensive lineman in Carolina, he is a pass rusher. He could still drop into coverage if needed. 51 TFLs and being healthy more than 90% of the time is even a bigger reason he should be drafted here, Carolina does tend to have a lot of defensive injuries.

(31) Seattle Seahawks

Orignal pick- Germain Ifedi OG/Texas A&M

New pick- Nick Martin OG/Notre Dame

Originally picked: 2nd round(50th overall) by the Houston Texans

Germain Ifedi is no longer on the team, and every time I watched him play it made me mad because he just wasn't good, he did not make the leap from college level to the NFL level. Seattle drastically needs offensive line help, Russel Wilson seems to only have 2-3 of time before he is flushed out, forcing a pass, or throwing the ball away. Nick Martin can play any interior offensive line position and Seattle mainly needs interior help at the moment. Martin has allowed seven sacks since starting to play in 2017, he has recently been starting since 2018. Of course, this wouldn't fix their issues in the trenches but it would help give Wilson more time to make throws.

*The New England Patriots would have had the 32nd overall pick, but they were stripped of their first-round pick because of Tom Brady's alleged role in the famous "Deflategate" situation.*

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