Redskins Team Breakdown (4th of 32)

The Redskins are going into this season ranked as my 29th best team. I have them winning 4 games  this year and finishing 4th in the NFC East and 15th in the NFC. Below is my in-depth breakdown of the team by position, staff, and fantasy worth.

Coaching: B-; Ron Rivera is a decent coach. He’s not anything special, but he’s been able to take a great team to a superbowl. I think he was seen as the scapegoat of the Panthers failure. Hopefully he can help elevate the Redskins offense. Jack Del Rio as the defensive coordinator is a good pick. He might turn some heads in the next few years. Though he wasn’t the greatest head coach during his time with the Jaguars and Raiders, he was a good defensive coordinator. I think that is the level of coaching that he is comfortable with.

QB: C-; I was never the biggest fan of Dwayne Haskins going into the 2019 draft, and he didn’t play incredibly well last year. Though part of the blame should go to the horrible Redskins team he was around, I cannot give him too high of a grade when I have not seen him play very well. He had a TD/INT ratio of 7/7 in the 7 games he played. Not very good compared to his peers. He was a rookie, so I won’t judge him too harshly, but if he doesn’t play decent this season, he could be left behind for a better QB prospect next season. Teams are judging quarterbacks quicker and quicker nowadays. The time to prove yourself can be as short as a season in Josh Rosen’s case.

RB: B; This running back group is underrated. Adrian Peterson may not be a star anymore, but he will still help with the one-two punch of himself and Derrius Guice. Guice has shown flashes of his talent. He had 49 yards/game and 5.8 yards/carry in the 5 games he played last season. Very good for a first year back. It may not be fair to say that he can keep up the 5.8 yards/carry because he had a 60 yard rush that helps bump it up. Either way, the potential he has shown is undeniable. Also, let’s not forget about fourth round pick Bryce Love. He has yet to play since he was drafted last season, but he could surprise people in the coming year.

WR: C+; Rookie wide receivers Terry McLaurin, Steven Sims Jr, and Kelvin Harmon all had great production last season when other wideouts had gone down with injuries. I suspect these players will elevate even more in their sophomore seasons. Though they lost Paul Richardson, the Redskins signed Cody Lattimer as a veteran player to help lead the young rookies. The position does not have a lot of depth, but the young stars up front easily help give it a C+. If these players take steps forward in 2020, this group could be scary.

TE: D-; I’m Very unimpressed with this tight end group. Jeremy Sprinkle, Richard Rogers, and Logan Thomas make up a very subpar group. Rogers is far past his hail-mary-catching-days, Sprinkle has shown nothing impressive in his 3 years in the NFL, and Logan is lucky to not be on a practice squad.

O-line: C; The offensive line is actually a little bit better than people give it credit for. Sure, it’s not going to be a top 10 unit, but it can hold its own. The Redskins have a very average offensive line. Brandon Scherff and Morgan Moses will keep the right side of the line clear of destructive forces such as Braden Graham and Demarcus Lawrence.

D-line: A-; This defensive line is actually pretty scary. Ryan Kerrigan, Jonathan Allen, Chase Young,  and Daron Payne could wreak havoc on opposing lines. When playing at his best, Kerrigan can finnish a year with 13 sacks. Allen is an underrated, young interior lineman, and Chase Young has superstar potential. With Jack Del Rio scheming on the sidelines, this pass rush could be a nightmare for other quarterbacks. 

LB: B; The duo of veteran Thomas Davis Sr and Reuban Foster should be an above average line backing group. Though Davis is getting old, he should be a good mentor for the possible superstar that Reuban Foster is. 

DB: C; Josh Norman and Quinton Dunbar are gone. They have been replaced by Ronald Darby and Kendall Fuller. A definite downgrade. Darby was once considered to be the next superstar in Buffalo, but he has fallen off of a cliff since he was traded to Philly. There is always the possibility of a superstar return, but as of right now, it seems unlikely. Kendall Fuller is making a return to Washington for some reason, and he is as average as of ever. I like Landon Collins at strong safety. He wasn’t spectacular next year, but I think he will shine in a new defensive scheme. I’m not sure how I feel about Sean Davis. He was OK at safety with the Steelers, but definitely nothing special. Maybe he will elevate also on this team.

ST: A; This is a very good special teams unit. It is one of the best at returning and punting, and Dustin Hopkins is a solid place kicker. Tress Way is a top punter who almost always pins back the opposing team. Overall, a good unit.

Overall: C; This team is very below average. I don’t like many groups besides the front seven. There are questions if Haskins can play, and there are a lot of young, unproven players. It has potential to be a great team in a year or two, but they are just a few steps behind. The Redskins get the edge over the Bengals and Lions due to solid coaching and good defense. There are some units that don’t get enough credit such as wide receiver and offensive line. If Haskins works out, this team can compete.

Fantasy Value: Not many players on this team really stand out in fantasy. Terry McLaurin could have high value with more targets this year, though. A deep sleeper in this team is Derrius Guice. He may be the feature back this season, but that is a risk that I’m not willing to take

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