The Seahawks don’t make sense

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

So we all know the Seattle seahawks great offense but the worst defense? Doesn’t make sense so today we will be diving deeper into this topic and why the Seahawks offense is so good but their defense isn’t.

First, the Seahawks have a amazing offense in a lot of veterans but on the defense their is a lot of you talent and they just haven’t had time to develop the Seahawks used their picks wisely in the draft by taking some defense and offense players. they need time for their defense to develop.

The second think about their defense is they wnat to stay cosietante on the offense and they want the offense to be more successful than the defense cause Pete caroll knows that the offense can score lots of points so they don’t worry that the defense will let up a lot of points even thought they are 32 in defense in the league.

The final reason why the Seahawks defense is not as good as the offense is because they make a lot of trades that affects the defense. the Seahawks had so much talent on the defense but trades make them not so good. some trades that made there defense is Richard Sherman to 49ers, and so many more.

and thats why the Seattle defense in not as good as their offense.

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