Should the Houston Astros still be considered World Champions?

The Houston Astros have been caught cheating by stealing signs in the World Series and during the season. Many believe they do not deserve to be called champions and that they should be stripped of their rings and trophy and severely punished for what they have done. Many forget about all of the other cheating scandals, such as steroids and the Black Sox scandal. Many other teams have cheated just as bad- the Astros have gotten caught. The Astros have gotten caught as a team. The era of steroids was individual players cheating at their own risk- not the teams. I believe what the Astros did was worse because of the fact that everyone was in on it and not just individuals.

The Afros have been found using noises to steal their opponents signs and cheat. That led them to two championships which they do not deserve. I believe they did have a good enough team and organization to win championships. Their players were some of the best in the league. By the way they cheated, it changes the way you hear, “Houston Astros” from a positive word to a complete disgrace and negative word. Before this happened, I supported the Astros team and Players. Now, me as well as many others have completely lost all respect for the team and organization. Their coach was suspended from baseball for a year- I do not believe that is a big enough punishment. What they did will forever change the way people hear, thing, and talk about the Astros. I’m The Houston Astros are a disgrace to baseball and should not be forgiven for it.

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