Takeaways from Red Sox at Yankees Series

The Yankees were able to sweep their rivals, the Boston Red Sox in their first series of the year, and the Yankees home opener. The Red Sox - Yankees is one of the oldest rivalries in sports and even though the Yankees clearly have the upper hand this year, those games are always fun to watch.

Series Summary:

Game 1

Jordan Montgomery had a good first start on the season holding the Red Sox to only one run in 5 ⅔ innings. The only run coming off the bat of 1st baseman Michael Chavis who hit a solo shot on the 3rd. On that same inning, the scorching hot Aaron Judge hit a two-run shot to give the Yankees the lead off of pitcher Ryan Weber who was making his first career start. On the 4th Gio Urshela scored a solo shot to extend the lead. After that, both offenses remained quiet, until the 8th where Brett Gardner hit a two-run shot to extend the lead to 5-1.

Game 2

Masahiro Tanaka faced off against Zack Godley, the Yankees gave Godley trouble since the first inning. On the first Judge continued his home run streak with a solo shot giving the Yankees the lead. But in the second Gio Urshela hit a Grand Slam to extend the lead and scored the last runs of the game for the Yanks. Tanaka had a decent outing allowing two runs on the 3rd but was subbed out as he is coming off an injury. The star of the game was Nick Nelson who tossed 3 hitless innings in his Major League debut. Both bullpens through a shutout and the game ended 5-2.

Game 3

Apart from the other games, this game was an offensive shootout. The Red Sox had a bullpen game and Austin Brice was their starter, he was able to throw a hitless inning but gave up to walks. Yankees starter James Paxton continues to struggle he gave a two.run shot in the first to Xander Bogarts and then gave up 3 runs in the 3rd. Meanwhile, Judge hit a three-run shot in order to give the Yankees a temporary lead. On the 3rd both Sanchez and Urshela hit an RBI double to tie the game at 5. On the 5th Xander Bogarts struck his 2nd Homerun of the game a solo shot to take the lead, but luke Voit hit one of his own right way to tie the game once again. On the 7th Rafael Devers hit a moonshot to take the lead. On the 8th Aaron Boone made an exceptional decision when he gave Mike Tauchman the green light to steal 2nd after a walk with 2 outs. LeMahieu then kept the inning alive driving in Tuchman with a single to tie the game and letting Judge step up to the plate. Judge destroyed the ball for the 2nd time in the game and gave the Yankees the deciding lead and kept their 6 games winning streak alive.

Now for the Takeaways

  • Judge is SCORCHING HOT right now, he has a 5 game Home Run streak alive. He is leading baseball with 6 Homeruns and with 14 RBIs and tied in first for runs with 10.

  • The Red Sox haven’t had the start they were hoping for, and their pitching staff needs some serious addressing

  • The Yankees scored only 3 runs that didn’t come of a Home Run in the entire series.

  • The Red Sox are still capable of hitting and winning games in a high scoring game

  • Xander Bogarts had a good weekend and might be getting hot

  • The Bats of JD Martinez and Andrew Benintendi need to wake up, in order to help the Sox win and compete in more games

  • The Yankees bullpen continues to be one of the best in baseball

  • The Yankees are undoubtedly one of the best teams in baseball right now. In perspective, the Yanks would have a record of 19 and 3 right now if this would be a normal season.

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