Taking A Deep Dive Into Josh Anderson's Contract Extention

The habs just signed Josh Anderson to a 7 year deal with a 5.5 million dollar AAV. The contract will expire when he is 32 years old. He is a big and strong winger who can hit and uses his size very well. Unless Anderson turns into a solid or elite forward this will be one of the worst contracts in the NHL for many years.

This image above shows us WAR which is a stat which shows how valuable someone is to their team and how many wins he gives them by his impact. It is an impact stat not a skill stat. As you can see his projected WAR is projected to be lower than expected and that shows that he will probably never be worth the money he is about to make. This shows that he is projected to have a -2.7 WAR so basically he will probably never be worth what he is making and is a major liability to any team.

Now this image breaks down how good he is at certain things and it shows you his style of play. He is a good defensive player who does everything good and is good enough transitionally he usually has the puck on his stick when he gets zone entries but he isn't super fast which isn't ideal and he doesn't get that many entrances/exists. However when it comes to offence he is only good at 2 things: getting a lot of pucks on net and forechecking. He is a very effective forechecker and can put pressure on dman and strip them of the puck. He also puts a high volume of shots on net just but he has a horrible shot. He is not only an incompetent shooter but also an incompetent passer and doesn't make too many good plays.

Now this image shows his impact in even strength play. As you can see he allows a reasonably high quantity of opportunities and his GF/60 is lower than his xGF/60 which means he was unlucky or he couldn't finish and we all know he has a bad shot. He gets quite a few great chances but he can never finish on many of them.

I don't think that Anderson will ever be close to being worth his contract. He is injury prone and at best a 3rd line winger. However you got to give credit to the fact that he is big and uses his size well but that doesn't all a sudden make him worth 5.5 mill a year. If you thought the Joel Edmundson deal was bad you got another thing coming with this deal.

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