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As many of you hockey fans know John Tavares is a superstar Center for the Toronto Maple Leaf's. John Tavares and Austin Matthews are both regarded as some of the best centers in the league but you may be wondering why you would want to all-star centers on the same team. Well in this case you really don’t yes, all Toronto Maple Leaf's fans are massive supporters of signing Tavares hell even I am but it's gotten to a point where the Leaf's are in a bit of a balancing act let me explain.

The main issue with the Leaf's roster right now is that by continuing to walk on this tight rope the Leaf's are leaving themselves open to disaster eventually They won't be able to balance it anymore and someone's going to end unhappy. Let me elaborate The Leaf's have two all-star centers Matthews and Tavares and by Prioritizing Matthews Growth as a player opposed to what Tavares wants and putting Matthews on the First line you end up with an unhappy Team Captain leaving the team with bad morale which will affect their play. By putting Tavares on the First line you stunt Matthews Growth and lose Potential leaving one party unhappy.

The Leaf's have done pretty well just putting who's playing better on the First line but I think that this is can't last forever and needs to stop meaning you either Trade away the Rookie Matthews For a player who will short term blast you to a massive playoff run or you think long term and Trade away your captain Tavares for a younger growing winger that would complement Matthews and Marner well.I believe if the Leaf's went as a First maybe even second round team, six years from now they could be a dynasty.

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