Terry or DK?

Terry and Metcalf are the to young rising star receivers of the NFL's future. I say these guys are the to best young receivers who have the to best futures. Yes there are plenty other guys like AJ Brown, Calvin Ridley, Justin Jefferson, Hollywood Brown and plenty of more. But DK and Terry are beast but there are so many arguments on which player is better? It is really hard to say because they are to completely different receivers there playstyles are different. But a lot of times you can tell who is better I really don't know on this one but I am going to break down there differences and there skills on each other. I will be talking about what DK has and Terry doesn't and what Terry has and DK doesn't let's start it.

DK has a way better QB:

DK's QB is Russell Wilson one of the best QB's the in the NFL great at deep balls, never injured and very consistent. But on the other hand Terry has nothing but horrible QB's throwing to him and he still balls out. Terry's QB's throwing to him through out his career are Dwyane Haskins, Alex Smith and some random guy for a couple games named Allen. Yeah I know those are some pretty lame QB's there. But that is a reason why Terry could be better he still plays at about the same skill level as DK even with Bad QB's so if you gave Terry what DK has he might be on top of the NFL where DK might be struggling. This is because if Terry is arguably playing better right now with bad QB's he for sure be playing better with Wilson.

Metcalf's QB:

Terry's QB's:

DK is so much more strong:

DK is pretty much the strongest receiver in the NFL have you seen photos of the guy with his shirt off his insanely jacked it doesn't even look real. DK can use his strength on smaller corners. But with Terry on the other side is little bit on the smaller side of receivers and for sure isn't as strong as DK. If DK didn't have strength then I don't know what he would be but he has it and that is what makes him unstoppable some games.

Terry has better route running:

Terry is better at route running to me DK I guess you can say could struggle with route running because of his size. Terry foot movement with his small size is even harder to guard because he will be so fast and shifty with it. Route running is very Important just look at Davante Adams he was pretty much the best receiver this year and he is best in the NFL at route running.

DK might be a little overrated:

DK is huge you rarely see receivers look like him. So that is a reason for him to be overrated if he has something much other people don't have people are going to talk about it a lot. I think DK might talk a little bit more to than Terry does I think Terry used to be very underrated but not anymore so it proves Terry was once underrated and DK was never because DK will do certain things to draw attention to fans.

Metcalf's playstyle enrolls around a better future:

I think Metcalf's playstyle goes around a better future. DK has some flaws to his game but Terry doesn't have as much of course Terry might have some because he is a young receiver. But if Terry is better right now that might be because Terry doesn't have young flaws to his game and Metcalf still does so in the future Metcalf is going to fix his flaws. His consistency will get better, route running catching. So if DK gets better at all the things Terry is better than him at right now DK will have all round game with his rare size and strength.

DK has been compared to really good receivers:

DK has been compared to some really good receivers that have played in the past. Like one is Calvin Johnson a top 5 receiver of all time Metcalf plays like him and if he plays like him and only gets better at it then DK will be scary.

Metcalf Vs Calvin Johnson comparison:

So that is my article on who is better Terry or DK? In my opinion as it stands now Terry is Better than DK. But in the future I am for sure gonna give it to Metcalf But my opinion on these to changes a lot because it depends on how they both play in the season I will change my mind on them. like at the start of this season I would say DK but now Terry this is a very good Debate. But this debate can be very hard because there playstyles are completely different. Let me know one who you think is better and if I changed your mind on anything in this article. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

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