The 5 Teams Who Could Take Trevor Lawrence

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence is for all intents and purposes going to be the #1 pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. He's been compared to the likes of Peyton Manning and John Elway, warm company to say the least. The question around him though is who will be the team he plays for? I'm going to give you the 5 teams that I believe have a chance to grab him.

#1: Jacksonville Jaguars

This is one of the more obvious entries to the list but it's lost some traction as the weeks have gone on. It's no secret that the Jaguars have been doing much better than anyone thought coming into the season. Gardener Minshew is playing like a viable starter and James Robinson has risen as a RB 1 in this offense. But with their performance last Thursday we could be seeing their hot start come to a halt and the Trevor Lawrence to Jacksonville hype train pick back up. If the Jaguars end up with the #1 pick they would be crazy to stick by Gardener Minshew rather than taking the best QB to come out of college since Andrew Luck.

#2: Detroit Lions

The Lions have had a rough start to the season starting off with 2 straight losses and a close upset victory over the Cardinals this past weekend. This one win doesn't change the fact that HC Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn are both on the hot seat this season and in all likelihood will be fired at the end of this season. Matthew Stafford, while a great QB, hasn't been able to get anything done in the 10 almost 11 years he has been in the league. I would not be surprised that if after another failing season the team decides to start completely fresh. They can trade away Stafford and some other pieces for draft capital, resign Kenny Golladay, and draft Trevor Lawrence with the #1 spot in the draft.

#3: Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins through 3 weeks of football has looked, to put it frankly, terribly average. He's been so inconsistent with each performance it's showing more and more that his career will be just that, average and inconsistent. The Vikings are 0-3 and while I don't see them getting that #1 pick they could do something similar to Detroit and trade away Kirk Cousins. Whether it's for draft capital or for the #1 pick itself they could make a big move and reignite their team with a young and potential filled QB. I realize that with Kirk's big contract this could be a little more unrealistic than the rest but it isn't as far fetched as one would think.

#4: Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are off to a rough start just like every one else on this list but it's been specifically hard on them this year. Multiple blown leads and a shut out loss VS the Seahawks to open the season, it's been rough. They are another team who's HC is on the hot seat as well. Dan Quinn has made questionable play call after questionable play call in every game this season and this isn't something new. His game management late in the game is atrocious and has costed them twice this season on games they should have won. With Dan Quinn likely being fired after this season and a new regime coming in the Falcons could be in play for Lawrence. Matt Ryan is getting up there in age and I would imagine a new staff would want to start from the ground and build it up. Moving on from Matt Ryan would be the first step in that and a sign that they are indeed rebuilding. I don't see a team trading for Matt Ryan happening due to his massive contract combined with his age, it just isn't smart. Trading for the #1 pick is in play for them after a hypothetical coaching change which would likely result in Trevor Lawrence becoming a Falcon.

#5: Indianapolis Colts

A team that hasn't gotten the attention in this topic is the Colts. They have a veteran in Philip Rivers on a 1 year deal in at QB. Their back up QB is Jacoby Brissette but after what they saw last year I wouldn't be even slightly surprised if they decided to keep him as the back up no matter who they bring in as QB. While it's fairly obvious they won't be getting the top draft pick a trade for it is very much a conversation to be had. They have T.Y. Hilton hitting free agency this off season and a tag and trade might be in play for him. He is getting up there in age for a receiver but he is still a threat to defenses. With the QB spot next season being wide open next off season Trevor Lawrence would be the perfect slide in and start candidate for this team

Honorable Mention: New York Jets

I put the Jets as an honorable mention here because while they are obviously in play for that #1 spot I don't see them moving on from Sam Darnold so soon but, it's a possibility. Adam Gase is a guy that I would not bet on keeping his job after this season and as I have stated many times in this article with a new regime comes change. If the new coach loves Trevor Lawrence more than he loves Sam Darnold, he will be moving on from Darnold without a doubt. Plus a change of scenery would do good for Darnold as I truly believe he is not the problem up in New York. I see the Jets as the team that all the teams mentioned here could be trading with for that #1 spot but as I said, it's possible.

Thanks for reading! Who do you think will get Trevor Lawrence come April? Follow me @CoveringCowboys on IG.

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