The Bears have named Trubisky as their Starting QB

Mitchell Trubisky. Any casual sports fan knows his name. When you hear his name you may laugh, you may cry. But, could this be his year?

As a Bears fan, all I have wanted is to put my faith in Trubisky. He was drafted 3rd in the 2017 draft. Many analysts thought he was taken way too high, and it turns out they were right. In that draft The Bears passed on future superstars Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

In 2018, his first year where he started out of the gate, Trubisky threw for 24 touchdowns with over 3,000 yards in 14 games. The Bears won the division with a 12-4 record and Trubisky was named to a pro bowl (as a replacement). Some Bears fans, such as myself were thinking; Wow, this could be our guy. How naive we were.

Despite playing more games in 2019 almost all of Trubisky's stats went down. The Bears went a disappointing 8-8.

Trubisksy has perhaps one last shot. And I do believe he can do it.

For the first time in his career, Trubisky has consequences. Not pressure, but consequences. He has competition and Super Bowl MVP competition.

We know Nick Foles is legit and if Trubisky can't get it done we know we have a solid quarterback who can come in and do business.

The Bears start the season very easy. In their first 4 games, the Bears verse the Lions, Giants, Falcons, and Colts. All teams with a losing record last year. Not to mention, that they all ranked in the bottom 20 in passing yards allowed last year.

Hopefully, Trubisky can start the season out hot with some easy competition and use that as momentum later into the season.

Also, the Bears have more pieces around Trubisiky then last year. Some might see Tedd Ginn Jr. as not a huge signing, still, he can be utilized. He is one of the fastest receivers in the league and is great at going deep and catching the long ball. The Bears also signed 5x pro bowler Jimmy Graham. Analysts claim that Graham is past his prime and there was no point paying him 8 million dollars a year but Trubisky needs a big target that he can rely on. I see Graham as another asset for Trubisky and a threat for defenses.

Trubisky needs to be mobile. He is a fast quarterback and that has to be part of his game. He has the ability to take a 3rd and long and scramble 15 yards for a first down.

Lastly, for Trubisky to succeed the playcalling needs to be better. In 2018 Matt Nagy was hired to be the head coach for the Bears and won coach of the year. In 2019, some Bears fans wanted to fire Nagy. His playcalling was atrocious. It did not play to the team's strengths and more importantly Trubisky's strengths. It was bad decision after bad decision. And that demands change.

Let's hope the Bears can make the playoffs in 2020!

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Bear Down!

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