The Biggest "What if" in Sports History: Kevin Malone

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Kevin Malone is an accountant on the TV show The Office. The Office is a documentary about what goes on in the workplace. In season 1, episode 5 the office plays the warehouse in a friendly game of basketball (5 on 5). Kevin does not get picked to play for the office.

Kevin was overlooked. This would only fuel him to be better. Kevin is not the only basketball player to be overlooked. Michael Jordan, Chris Paul, Ja Morant, just to think of a few. And of course, Kevin Malone. This list is just some of the greats that were disregarded and snubbed.

When it comes to shooters, many players come to mind: Stephen Curry, Paul Pierce, Reggie Miller. But, who fans don't think of is Kevin Malone.

In the beginning of the episode Kevin casually shoots a tissue box into a trash can. However, when analyzing the shot further, you can see the immense skill Kevin possesses. Kevin is around free-throw distance from the trash can. Kevin, with one hand, shows that he has a deadly follow through. The box rotates countless times, providing rotation to the box. All great shooters know that the most important thing about shooting is the rotation, which gives the ball a significantly higher chance to go in. Kevin knows this and as a result the box goes in.

In the episode, Kevin mentions that he has a basketball hoop at his house. Based on Kevin's effectiveness at shooting, we can only imagine Kevin's work ethic.

Kevin's also got the brains. He is an accountant and has to problem solve all the time. In basketball problem solving is part of the game. For instance, in the case of a pick & roll, you have to decide whether to shoot it or pass it to a teammate. Not to mention, that Kevin is a huge gambler and the winner of the 2002 World Series of Poker bracelet for No-Limit Deuce-Seven Triple Draw. Think of other huge gamblers that played basketball: Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley; two MVP winners who are in the Hall of Fame.

We also can't forget his name Kevin Malone. Think of all the NBA players that start with Kevin: Kevin Durant, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Mchale. And his last name, Malone: Moses Malone and Karl Malone. That is 5 Hall of Famers that Kevin shares his name with. His name was made for basketball.

Lastly, after the game is played Kevin is seen shooting, trying to get better. Kevin is upset that he was overlooked and is willing to work harder, thus proving his amazing work ethic. In the clip Kevin did not know he was being filmed, just trying to work on his shot and improve his game. Kevin goes 4 for 4, displaying one of the greatest shooting performances ever.

When comparing Kevin to an NBA player, I would compare him to Ray Allen. Ray Allen is one of the greatest shooters of all time and holds many records. Just like Allen, Kevin raises the ball above his head to avoid getting blocked. He then flicks his wrist causing rotation as he did earlier with the tissue box. In this clip, Kevin starts hot and gets into a rhythm right away.

What if Derrick Rose never got injured, What if The Hornets never traded Kobe Bryant, What if Kevin Malone played in that basketball game?

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