The Bills Will Not Make The Playoffs This Season

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

In 2019 the bills made it to the playoffs with a 10-6 record and ended up losing to the Texans in the wild card round. The Bills are currently a team that a lot of people are high on going into the season (mostly because of the addition of Stefon Diggs) and I believe all this hype is undeserved for multiple reasons.

For starters let’s go over their division rivals which includes the Jets, Dolphins, and Patriots. all three of these teams have made major changes over the offseason. The Patriots are definitely their biggest threat because they have the best coach ever and the top defense in the league, even with the loss of key defensive players. The Jets and Dolphins also made major improvements by signing players such as Jordan Howard, Byron Jones, Ereck Flowers, Austin Jackson, Denzel Mims, Breshadd Perriman, Mekhi Becton, and Frank Gore which will definitely make these teams much better. Along with their division rivals they have to play teams such as the Seahawks, 49ers, Chiefs, Broncos, Titans, and Steelers.

The second problem is Josh Allen’s lack of accuracy which has made their offense struggle a lot. He came in 33rd in completion percentage with 64.7% and it gets worse, he’s known for having a phenomenal arm but he only had a 25% deep pass completion percentage which is horrible.

Another problem is their lack of a running game. due to the loss of Frank Gore, other running backs like Devin Singletary and Zack Moss will have to step up. Both of these running backs are young which means that they will need some sort of a passing game to allow them to play at a high level this season but Josh Allen won’t give them the passing game they need which causes the Bills to have a bad offense even with their phenomenal receiving core.

I know what you’re thinking. if the bills are so bad then how did they make the playoffs last year? Well the main reason was their amazing defense which allowed 259 points throughout the entire regular season which I don’t see slowing down and will definitely be their biggest strength this season. Another reason was their mediocre schedule, in which they played against only 4 teams that made the playoffs. 2 of which lost in the wild card round. My final reason is that Frank Gore was a consistent source of 3 or 4 yard gains, which allowed Sean McDermott to use him as a guaranteed 1st down whenever they were in 3rd and short situations. People don’t talk about him a lot but he was the key piece to that offense and the main reason other running backs like Devin Singletary could flourish.

Therefore, I think that the bills won’t make the playoffs because they have way better competition then last year, their is quarterback inaccurate, they don’t have a great running game, a more difficult schedule, and the loss of Frank Gore and other key players. The Bills are still a great team with a lot of upside but they need a couple more key players to make it back to the playoffs.

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