The Browns Stay Hot to Become 4-1

For the first time since 1994, the Browns are 4-1. And from what we've seen so far, it seems that Kevin Stefanski was the correct choice to be the Head Coach. Stefanski has taken this offense that struggled last year and made it into one of the league's scariest. And not only did the Browns offense look great against the Colts, they did it all without the help of start running back Nick Chubb. So how did they upset Indianapolis and win the game, 32-23? Well, here's how.

First off, Baker did well. His great performance was more in the first half than the second half, but he still looked impressive out there. He was confidently making throws, he located his open receivers, and he didn't feel pressured in the pocket. He improvised well, whenever the pocket started to collapse, he'd roll out and make a great throw. One of the things I loved most is that Stefanski was able to incorporate Rashard Higgins into the offense. Higgins had been a healthy scratch for the past few weeks, so seeing him out on the field making plays was a relief, considering he's a fan favorite.

Once again, the defense looked great, forcing a safety and getting two interceptions (one of those interceptions being taken back for a touchdown by Ronnie Harrison Jr). Denzel Ward was good in coverage, Terrance Mitchell continued to shine by making big tackles, and Myles Garrett did what Myles Garrett does. One of the only weak spots in the defense has consistently been veteran safety Andrew Sendejo. He's not doing well in coverage at all, and he's blown many big plays, some of them being touchdowns. But as for the rest of the defense, they looked great against Indianapolis.

And finally, the running back core continued to do well without Nick Chubb. Kareem Hunt posted 72 yards on 20 carries, and caught a touchdown, while D'Ernest Johnson had 32 yards that included a huge run to get a first down and ice the game. The running backs did great work, but they didn't have to be the main source of scoring for the offense this week.

Overall the Cleveland Browns looked like the dominant team that they were expected to be last year, and they will face off against Pittsburgh in a big division rivalry game. Here's to hoping the Browns win and the Ravens lose to Philadelphia, because it would place Cleveland at the top of the division.

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