The Candidacy Of Barry Bonds

Barry Lamar Bonds was one of the most polarizing figures in MLB history, a titan of the game for over 2 decades but near the end of his career caught up in one of the largest baseball scandals ever. Bonds is arguably the greatest Power-Speed player in history in the first half of his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates, hitting 262 Homeruns whilst also successfully swiping bags at a percentage of 76% whilst having an OPS+ of 147 during this time, that was the OPS+ of Mookie Betts this year. He finished his time in Pittsburgh with 2 MVPs and 3 Gold Gloves. He leaves a legacy on baseball like no other and with his 9th year on the ballot this year and his 10th next, it's time for BBWA to really look and decided, even with all his controversy's is he worthy of being in the hall.

Pros: By including Bonds in the Hall in accepts, others who had remarkable careers tainted by PED or PED Scandals such as Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa. It shows that the writers are willing to accept them, those with some of the greatest of all time and the best are truly, into the hall. For the entirety of his career Bonds put up unprecedented numbers, such as an OBP of .500+ in 4 Straight Seasons, as well as a wRC+ of 200+ in all 4 of those seasons, Bonds peak was one of the greatest of all time, and if he didn't allegedly take steroids, possible regarded as the no doubt greatest. It would be a monumental vote but the way I and many others see it, Bonds helped to save baseball and by including Bud Selig the commissioner who turned a blind eye to the rampant steroid use, you are also allowing an opportunity and reason for Bonds to get into the hall of fame.

Cons: By including Bonds it includes a stain on the hall of fame, via saying we don't care about what you did to get your statistics just that you have good numbers on paper, it allows the Famed Hall to be seen as for anyone and could possible encourage cheating because players will see that it doesn't matter what they do if they put up enough numbers and sabermetric statistics they will get in. That's what including Barry Bonds would do and why it's a bad thing.


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