The Chicago Bears 2020-2021 Season in Review

After a very disappointing 2019 year from the Chicago Bears, many thought that this team was just painfully average and would never be able to get over the hump. And after starting 5-1 many thought that they were back, but once things looked good it all went down as the Bears only won 3 out of their last 11 games ending in a terrible playoff performance where the Bears fell 21-9. This team proved that they were average and desperately need a QB to lead them past the wildcard.

Takeaways from the season:

Nagy deserves to start from scratch:

This may be a bit controversial, but I believe that Nagy is a very solid coach and if they were to fire him now they will have a late start on recruiting some of the other top guys. People get mad saying he can't discipline his players, but at some point, the blame has to be put on them. Nagy used 15 minutes during practice telling his guys not to instigate with Saints CB Chauncey Gardner Johnson, but what does butter fingers Anthony Miller do, shoves him and gets ejected on a key drive at the beginning of the second half. While Nagy is not a fantastic play-caller, he is very well-liked by the players and that is what leads to winning football games.

Pagano and Pace need to go:

Starting with Pagano I find it very strange that in just 2 short years with a very similar team this defense has become very mediocre with Khalil Mack regressing into a barley top ten edge rusher in the league. Paganos makes some of the most mind-boggling calls in games like putting Danny Trevathan on man coverage against Marquess Valdess Scantely one of the fastest guys in the league with no safety over the top to help in coverage. Or putting Buster Skrine who is already bad enough one on one with a guy like Jared Cook or TJ Hockenson. Both these dudes are around 100 pounds bigger than him. I think they could go with a guy like Matt Patrica who was a very good coordinator under Bellicheck or hope that Vic Fangio gets fired and lure him back with one final run in Chicago similar to what the 85 Bears did with Buddy Ryan. With Ryan Pace, it is very complicated. He has made some good picks with Roquan Smith and even some late-round finds like Darnell Mooney Tarik Cohen and Eddie Jackson, but the bad outweighs the good by a lot. Taking Mitch over Watson since we all know Mahomes was not a realistic pick for them at the time. Or signing Robert Quinn to a big deal. And picking Adam Shaheen over George Kittle witch is one people do not talk about nearly enough. The pace is the biggest problem on the team and he needs to be out of Chicago even if the Mcaskeys like him.

Roquan Smith is the best player on this defense and the next great Chicago Bear MLB:

Roquan had a pure breakout season this year and he was a top 2 MLB in the league statistically right with fellow 2018 class MLB Darius Leonard. Roquan showed he could blitz the QB and pick up a sack or play deep in coverage and cover some of the best TE in the league. He should have been a pro bowler and a first-team all-pro, but the name recognition from Wagner and Warner put them 2 over Smith.

The Allen Robinson Situation is the biggest reason Pace needs to go:

Before the season Allen Robinson stated that he wanted to be back and stay in the Navy and Orange, but Ryan Paces' incompetence has led to the situation he is in now. They had a top ten receiving talent in the league sitting in their laps and they blew it. We had someone who could have finished as the greatest Bears receiver ever.

What to do this Upcoming offseason:

First things Done:

Do whatever it takes to keep Arob

Get rid of Pace and Pagano and President Ted Phillips

Please do not resign Mitch and if you do, do not give him more than 2 million


Keep Cario Santos

Things that should be done:

If not Arob get a first-round receiver to play with Mooney

Make a trade offer for Watson

Try to find a sucker to take Nick Foles contract

If AROB stays get Mac Jones if available in round 1

Things that probably won't get done, but is not impossible:

Trade up for one of the big 3 QB Names

Trade Mack for Picks

Get Dak Prescott

Pick up Godwin or Golladay to replace Robinson

Better second option at MLB to place with Smith as Trevathan continues to regress

BLOW IT UP, have Nagy and a new GM build a new team from near Scratch keeping just the young playmakers:

Mooney, Monty, Kmet, Daniels, Mustipher, Nicholas, Smith. Jackson, Fuller, Johnson

Nearly Impossible:

Sell the team:

While it would be sad to see the NFL's first Family go drastic changes have to happen during this offseason. The Nepotism coming through Halas Hall is very visible with the reports of Pace Staying cause they are friends and the family-run business formula with the McCaskey family all through the top of the Bears organization. Since their 1985 SB win, they have had 12 playoff appearances 6 Wins, and only 7 appearances and 4 Wins Since the Firing of Mike Ditka in 1992. They also have not made the playoffs twice in a row since 05-06 and three times since their SB years in the mid to late 80s.


The Bears have a very hard schedule next year and the Playoffs is looking bleak for 2022, but this is a chance for the Organization to regroup and change their ways as an organization that can never make it over the hump and has never truly been great since the 80s to one of the best up can coming teams that can be one of the best through the 2020s to early 2030s. Before Superbowl dreams, this team needs a reality check and try to become perennial playoff contenders first.

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