The Chicago Bulls have a good draft day!

The Chicago Bulls decided to draft Patrick Williams with the 4th overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft! Personally, I love this pick... He is such a great defender and will help the Bulls in so many ways. A.K (Bulls GM) stated that he sees so much potential in Williams, in fact, Pat Williams was the 2nd youngest prospect in the draft!

Patrick Williams and Coby White already have a good relationship, and that will 100% help this Bulls team with their team chemistry! Williams said that Coby White helped him out since the day he turned into a draft prospect! Credit to Coby White for helping Willams out before the draft and giving him the chance to be selected 4th overall!

Let’s take a second to talk about Patrick Williams himself. To start this off, he is an AMAZING defender and a good shot blocker... He also has good versatility which is why the Bulls selected him. The Bulls stated that Williams came into the draft with an already developed NBA body! Patrick wasn’t the best scorer when playing for FSU but scoring isn’t really his thing... especially because he was coming off the bench as 6th man for FSU! That’s insane. The FSU basketball coach was asked why Patrick Williams was not starting for the team, and he said, “because he finishes them.”

Most Bulls fans were most likely expecting Deni Advija to get drafted to the Bulls, but he ended up going 9th overall to the Wizards! That’s a huge drop for such a great player like Deni. But, some NBA scouts have said that Deni’s playtype will not look good in the NBA. And I personally think thats true. It was a good decision for the Bulls to draft Williams at pick no.4, especially because Pat Williams was slowly working his way up the draft board!

With the 44th overall pick, the Bulls selected Marko Simonovic (center) out of Serbia. To me, this wasn’t that great of a pick, knowing the Bulls have Wendell and Gafford, but maybe Simonovic can play small forward at 6’11. It says he plays center and small forward on his draft profile! But don’t expect to see him play this year... The Bulls have stated that they selected him as a draft-and-reserve guy for this upcoming season.

The draft has finally ended, The Bulls have selected Patrick Williams at pick no.4 and Marko Simonovic at pick no. 44... Wait, the Bulls weren’t done just yet. Devon Dotson (guard) out of Kansas ended up falling all the way to an undrafted rookie! Guess what the Bulls did... They signed him! This signing makes me so happy because Dotson is literally my favorite player coming out of college and he ended up getting drafted to his hometown!

In conclusion, the Bulls had a fantastic draft. They were able to draft the players that they were targeting and we’re able to sign a combo guard out of Kansas that will play great off the bench this year! The Bulls Have an amazing PG rotation right now with Coby White, Devon Dotson, and Ryan Arcidiacino! Can’t wait to see Williams and the Bulls succeed!

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