The childhood story of John Wall

John Wall is my favorite basketball player he is for sure not what he used to be because of injuries. But Wall used to be one of the fastest point guards in the NBA not one of them maybe even at one point the fastest. Not just was maybe the fastest point guard at one point in his career I think he was the best point guard in the NBA to at one point. But that's what John Wall has done in the NBA but how was Wall's journey to the NBA? I am going to talk about everything he went through and how it all happend in his childhood, high school, college and his family and let you know everything about point guard John Wall growing up.

Pre teenage years:

John Wall's childhood was very rough growing up like most other NBA players. Wall as kid never really had his dad around about 8 years before Wall was born his dad was charged with murder for shooting a woman in the head during a argument they had gotten into. Then when Wall was 1 year old his dad robbed a store with a gun and got sent to jail. So Wall never had his dad around because his dad was in and out of jail and was never around to support him. So that would lead up to a lot of anger for Wall he did very bad things like cuss off teachers at school even get into fights at school. One crazy thing that happend to Wall around the age of 10 Wall get angry at a kid about 2 years older than him. So with that being said wall had a baseball bat and started taking some swings at him and the kid older than him Took the bat from Wall and tried taking some swings before a teacher broke up the fight. While Wall was a kid a lot of people could tell he had anger problems and people would try to help him with that whenever some tried to help him he would just say you don't know what your talking about he said it everytime.

John Wall as a kid:

Teenage Years:

It really wasn't as easy for Wall as a teen ager either. When Wall was a teen it seems to be he was in a gang. Wall at night time did a lot of thug stuff at times he would break in to cars and steal them and at least what I have heard Wall got shot at for taking a car and even shot back once. But one night John Wall's mom sat him down and said what are you doing? What Wall's mom was trying to say is why are you acting like a thug and doing all these bad things because if he kept doing bad things College basketball teams weren't giving him any basketball offers because he was acting like such a fool. So Wall new if he kept this up it can destroy his whole basketball career know one will offer him College Basketball if he's a thug. So on that day Wall decided he was going to change. He was going to change into a good person and not do thug stuff so he can get College Basketball offers.

High School Basketball:

John Wall's played high school basketball at Garner Magnet High School he was a star there and that's the reason to him getting into a good basketball College. From what I saw of Wall's high school basketball stats he averaged 22.1 points, 5.5 assists 5.2 rebounds, 2.0 steals. What you can see Wall was a stud in high school.

John Wall High School basketball:

College Basketball.

Wall played College Basketball at Kentucky. While he played for Kentucky he had some teammates who are in the NBA right now players like Demarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe and much more. Wall at Kentucky was amazing and that's why he made the NBA.

John Wall College basketball:

drafted by the NBA:

John Wall was in the NBA draft but who would take him? The Washington Wizards did with first overall draft. Wall in his draft class was picked before a lot of other good players such as Evan Turner, Demarcus Cousins, Greg Monroe, Paul George and Gordan Hayward also much more. With all that being Said John Wall did it he made the NBA after going through all that horrible stuff through is child hood his dad being gone and everything what a battle for Wall to make the NBA.

John Wall being drafted:

Fun Fact:

John Wall was once seen in a game throwing up gang signs.

John Wall Gang signs:

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