The Entire Sports Communtiy can see Right Through ESPN

This week, ESPN's top 100 NBA players list came out. This is the worst list I've ever seen, and this isn't the first year this has happened. Every year ESPN makes a controversial list that people debate about. This year the list is even more of a joke.

How bad is this list? Well, ESPN has PJ Tucker above John Wall and DeMar DeRozan. They have Marcus Smart over Kemba Walker. They have Zion Williamson above Karl Anthony Towns. And they have Lonzo Ball over Zach LaVine.

Any casual basketball fan can see that this list is awful. These lists are just for the sake of being controversial. But, that is what analysts do. They say whatever is popular at the moment.

Nearly every ESPN analyst or sports analyst, in general, have been accused of being controversial for the sake of being controversial. Analysts like Kendrick Perkins, Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, Max Kellerman, Paul Pierce, and many others.

Being controversial is ok, and frankly necessary to be relevant in the sports world. Without a controversial list, no one would be talking about analysts' takes or lists.

However, naturally, people will disagree about sports topics, and making unnecessary controversial lists makes these sports companies look bad.

These lists are clearly just for the sake of disagreement, and everyone can see right through it.

Fans are disregarding these lists and for good measure.

If you look closer at the physical list and the "reasoning behind it" there are none. There is no reasoning behind each player, and all ESPN does is list the player's strengths and weaknesses at playing basketball.

There is no reasoning as to why that player is ranked there.

It is just a stream of controversy and no valid argument to prove this list right.

As a fan, it is disappointing to see sports companies that have so much impact on the sports world make a list simply for the sake of controversy. As an aspiring analyst, it is frustrating to see these lists because this isn't contributing to the outreach of sports information or the sports community.

I hoped you enjoyed this take from me because the sports community needs to shed some light on what ESPN is doing.

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