The Gersson Rosas Effect: Part 1

The Rosas Effect: Looking Back At All His Moves! Part 1

On May 5/1/19 the Timberwolves of Minnesota made a significant change. They brought in longtime Rockets Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Gerson Rosas. He was named President of Basketball Operations for Minnesota who finished 36-46 and a whopping 12 games out of the playoffs.

Right out of the gate Rosas and the Wolves front office made major moves. On draft day Minneota traded their 11th overall pick and power forward Dario Saric to Phoenix for their 6th overall pick. Jarrett Culver ended up being the 6th pick and was off to Minnesota and Phoenix vastly reached and selected Cameron Johnson out of North Carolina. Culver has turned out to be the better of the 2 as he was better in points, rebounds, and assists in his rookie season. Plus you add in that Culver is only 21 years old compared to Johnson's 24 and you see why this was a great move by Minnesota

Jaylen Nowell:

Jaylen the former PAC-12 Player of the year was MNs 2nd round pick selected 43rd overall. In his limited time in the NBA Jaylen has averaged 4 PPG when playing over 3 MPG. It’s nothing eye opening but if you take a look at his G-League stats you can see why Minnesota selected him. 

G-League Stats:

  • 21.1 PPG

  • 3.8 APG

  • 5.0 RPG

Nowell, only being 20 years old, has plenty of room to grow and develop even if he finds himself on a new roster. The only bad knock is his Shooting ability behind the arc. In 26 games in the G-League he only attempted 7 threes in total. While up on the NBA team his 3 point shot has been non-existent, he’s a underwhelming 2-26 and as we know you need to have a reliable 3pt shot, especially if you're a guard like Nowell.

Naz Reid:

On 7/5/2019 after going UNDRAFTED Naz signed a two-way contract with the Timberwolves and 12 days later made that a multi-year deal. The former LSU 1 and Done center has shined this past season using his underrated 3 point game.  In 30 games played Reid has put up surprisingly awesome stats

In 30 Games: (11 Games Started)

  • 9 PPG

  • 4.1 RPG

  • 1.2 APG

  • 33% FG3%

For an undrafted rookie those stats are very impressive to say the least. Naz will enter the 2nd year of his contract next fall in a bargain deal for the Wolves, they will only have to pay Naz 1.5 million, another great move by Rosas and the front office.

Jake Layman: 

Rosas again pulls off another stellar move they did a sign and trade by acquiring Jake Layman from Portland in exchange for a trade exception in the Dario Saric trade (See Above.)  Layman signed a 3 year 11.5 million dollar deal with Minnesota after coming off his best year of his career. The former Terrapin put up 7.6 PPG and 3.1 RPG in 18 MPG. After seeing the improvement Rosas pulled the trigger on the very low risk trade and got what he wanted. 

While being injured with a very bad toe sprain most of the year Layman excelled when he was on the court. While sharing the floor with many forwards Layman still managed to average:

  • 9.1 PPG

  • 2.5 RPG

  • 45.3 FG%

Jake was also a very energetic player on both ends of the floor getting many monster posters and blocks that brought the Target center to its feet. Most importantly when Layman plays the Wolves get Wins. 

Timberwolves Record


Layman's record with MN


Kelan Martin:

A much smaller move here was signing undrafted SF Kelan Martin out of Butler to a 2way contract.

NBA STATS: (31 Games)

  • 6.4 PPG

  • 0.7 APG

  • 3.1 RPG

  • 25/96 on 3s

In limited time Kelan has shown glimpses of success having 8 double digit scoring nights and even a 21 point night in Denver. The bad knock on Kelan is he is 6’5 and is small at his forward position. Another low risk move that could turn into something much bigger.

Part 2 coming out soon!


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