The greatest game in NFL history

When I looked through lists of the greatest game of all time, none of them feature the TRUE greatest game as number 1. I feel that that is a disgrace. The greatest game in the history of the NFL happened just over 2 years ago. I'll set the stage for it:

MVP quarterback Carson Wentz leads his team to the number 1 seed in the NFC while leading the NFL in passing touchdowns. Nothing can stop the Philadelphia Eagles. Nothing until Wentz goes down with Injury. The fans have to watch their quarterback walk off the field and find out what happened. After medical examination, he tore his ACL. With backup quarterback Nick Foles at the helm, it seems the Eagles are done for.

You probably know the story of the Eagles playoff route. It's one of knee-mmaculate receptions, goal-line stands, blowout upsets, and, of course, underdogs.

Let's cut to the chase: the Eagles are in the Superbowl. It's the biggest game in sports, and they have to play the biggest team in sports; the Patriots. The Pats are right in the middle of a dynasty. They're fresh off of coming back from a 28-3 Superbowl deficit. They are on the second of 3 straight Superbowls. Nothing can stop them.

The game starts off with trading field goals. On the next drive, Foles throws a deadly, 36 yard bomb to Alshon Jeffrey following a huge run by Legarrette Blount. An angered Patriots team rallies on their next drive. They dial up a trick play involving a quarterback catch that will go down as one of the greatest plays of all time. Well, it would have if Tom Brady didn't let the ball slip through his hands. Oops, Foreshadowing.

Blount would bulldoze his way for a touchdown to give the Eagles a 15-3 lead. The Pats would then rally for a 9 point swing just before the end of the half. Nick Foles then shows that anything Tom Brady can do, he can do better with a touchdown catch on a very similar play during fourth down. The underdog Eagles now had a surprising 22-12 lead going into halftime.

The two teams traded touchdowns back and forth up until the last few minutes. The Eagles would be down 32-33 with less than 9 minutes left. They would progress through a long, touchdown-scoring drive ending with a Zach Ertz catch. The score is 38-33 with just over 2 minutes left. Everyone watches waiting for yet another Tom Brady comeback until Brandon Graham rips the ball straight from him into the awaiting arms of Derek Barnett. After some keep-away, the Rocky-esque Eagles defy all odds and win the Superbowl 41-33.

The game had everything: Incredible story lines, high scoring, comeback drives, defensive stands, and just the right amount of controversy. I think that it is, without a doubt, the greatest game in football history. And, if football is the greatest game, than it might just be the greatest game ever played.

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