The Houston Rockets last shot at an NBA Title.

Trade for Blake Griffin. #nba #BlakeGriffin #houston #Trades

The Houston Rockets' extreme small-ball lineup did not work out in Orlando. They made it to the 2nd round but underachieved. I don't believe you have to change up everything but, your center can not be 6'5. They should go for Blake Griffin a package of Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker, 2nd round picks, and another player or two should make the deal possible with help of Blake Griffin by requesting a trade to Houston. Why the Pistons do this simply because they are not going to be able to compete with Blake and because they will be freeing up so much cap space for the future. Now why the Rockets do this is to form a big 3 of Harden, Westbrook, and Griffin. They will have to make a few changes to their system like run Harden off-ball and a less ball-dominant Russell Westbrook in order for Blake Griffin to play the Draymond green role of being a playmaker which he has shown he is very capable of doing. This also gives the Rockets big help on rebounding as well as a player who you can actually put on 6'10 and taller guys while still being able to shoot the 3 ball. This gives the Rockets a much better chance of competing for an NBA Championship.

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