The Indiana Pacers: Most underrated team in the NBA!

For Starters I have to point out 1 major thing, I know the Pacers are not going to make the finals or even the conference finals. In fact the could even be a first round exit although that is probably unlikely. What I'm saying is, they're going to be a problem for any team that face. Here's why:

Let's begin by examining there roster. Now we aren't quite sure if Oladipo will return or not but if he does, that will help them tremendously!! Even without Oladipo, this team is still great. Domantas Sabonis and Malcolm Brogdon both took major leaps since last season and Sabonis was even an all star!! That's not all though. They have a great all around scorer in TJ Warren, and a great defender in Myles Turner. They even have great role players including Aaron Holiday, Doug Mcdermott, Jeremy Lamb, T.J Mcconnel, Justin Holiday, and Edmond Sumner. This is a surprisingly deep roster. But let's look at the team as a whole.

The Pacers are currently sitting at 5th in the East and one good thing about their team is that they have a good blend of offense and defense. Which is good for any team. The Pacers are 11th in win%, 12th in defensive rating, 13th in net rating, and 3rd in fg%! Those are actually pretty good if you think about it. The only problem I find with their team is that they seem very inconsistent. Some nights they look like the best team in the league but others they look like a non playoff team. So that may hurt them but I have a feeling that won't be a big issue in the playoffs. The Pacers have been known to do pretty well in the playoffs so that's good. All I'm saying is do not be surprised if the Pacers are giving teams problems in the playoffs!!

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