The Jamal Adams Situation Shows How Flawed The New York Jets Organization Is

There’s a big difference between a bad team and a bad organization. The Dolphins are a bad team but they treat their players right and make good decisions. I cannot say the same about the Jets. The jets are a organization I consider the worst in the league which was shown by how they handled the Jamal Adams situation this offseason. I believe Jamal Adams had every reason to leave the Jets.

This all started last offseason in which Joe Douglas, the Jets general manager, promised Jamal Adams he would get a extension next offseason. Jamal Adams played the next season and proved to be one of the top defensive talents in the league. During this season he found out that the jets where trying to trade him. Although he was outraged he continued to play through the season.

Joe Douglas continued to delay the contract extension. But when negotiations with Jamal Adams finally began Jamal Adams reportedly wanted 20+ million dollars per year. I think he’s deserving of this money considering he’s by far the best player on the team. Wether you think he deserves that money or not doesn’t matter because Joe Douglas wasn’t worried about the money. The reason he didn’t want to extend his contract was because he “Wanted to monitor if Jamal Adams was all in on the Jets and football”. After hearing this Jamal Adams asked for a trade.

One of Jamal Adams’ biggest reasons he wanted to leave was Adam Gase. This offseason Jamal Adams told NY Daily News “ If there's a problem in the locker room, he (Adam Gase) lets another coach address the team. If we're playing sh*tty and we're losing, he doesn't address the entire team as a group at halftime. He'll walk out of the locker room and let another coach handle it." The fact that they are giving a coach that does that a second chance is terrible. He’s also a terrible play caller (if you consistently watch the jets you know what I’m talking about). And the Jets have a habit of keeping bad coaches for a very long time (Todd Bowles and Rex Ryan).

There’s a huge difference between a bad team and a organization. A bad team won’t have the pieces to make playoff run, but they will make smart decisions that lead to the team improving. A bad organization will attempt to trade their star player without telling him, make empty promises, refuse to pay their star players, hire bad coaches, and stick with those bad coaches for way to long. Keep in mind these are just the problems with how they treated Jamal Adams. I didn’t even mention their terrible draft choices, Kelschi Osemele’s shoulder injury and much more (if you want me to talk about those comment down below).

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