The Knicks Offseason So Far

New York Knicks president Leon Rose has been very active in front office hirings and searching for a new head coach. It's the beginning to a very active offseason for the Knicks with many rumors and a lot of news coming out in the coming weeks.

Let's focus with front office hirings:

Walt Perrin: The Knicks hired Utah Jazz VP of player personnel, Walt Perrin. Perrin was one of the longest tenured members of the Utah Jazz front office, spending 19 years. Perrin was a key figure in the Jazz scouting efforts. He attended NCAA games and practices, international competitions, and high school events. He was also responsible for getting the prospects to Utah for pre-draft workouts, and he became the team’s point of contact for the media after each workout and in the days leading up to the NBA draft. Perrin will cover pre-draft scouting.

Frank Zanin: The Knicks hired NBA scout, Frank Zanin. Frank Zanin has worked in the NBA since 1999. He first worked with the Philadelphia 76ers, then the Brooklyn Nets where he spent three years as assistant General Manager, and most recently with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Frank Zanin and Walt Perrin will have complimentary roles within the organization. Zanin will handle pro personnel.

Brock Aller: The Knicks hired Cleveland Cavaliers Senior Director of Basketball Operations, Brock Aller. Aller spent 15 years working in Cleveland. He will help Leon Rose navigate many different aspects of the job and will be one of his right-hand men. He is also expected to help Leon navigate the waters and strategize on how to build out the front office, coaching staff, which player personnel moves to make, and salary cap strategy. He is also known as a "capologist" which is someone who specializes and understands the salary cap very well.

TJ Zanin: The Knicks hired TJ Zanin who will be in charge of pro scouting. Yes, he is Frank's brother. He has worked for the Memphis Grizzlies as a video coordinator, then with the Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Clippers, Brooklyn Nets, and Charlotte Hornets as a scout. Zanin may be involved with international scouting because that is what he has specialized in. He has worked for Team USA, and has also worked with Tom Thibodeau, Pat Delaney, and Jim Boeheim.

William Wesley: The Knicks hired William Wesley as Executive Vice President and Senior Basketball Adviser. William has been a consultant in the coaching division of CAA for 13 years and has a long professional and personal relationship with Leon Rose. The two worked together at CAA and have a history back to their starts in New Jersey. He is considered one of the great connectors and relationship builders in basketball. He is very respected in the basketball community.

Leon Rose has made several great hires so far, but let's see how the club does in the 2020 NBA draft and in free agency. Let the results show.

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