The Mets loaded up this offseason, but is it enough?

The New York Mets for a lasting time have been the laughing stock of Major League Baseball, for good reason too. Constant player failures, front office collapses, delusional ownership, etc. all contribute to disappointment year after year.

A change in the ownership, from the Wilpons to Steve Cohen, ignited a new light for the franchise to build off of. The Mets made signing after signing this offseason to bolster the team as a whole, something that hasn't been done by them in my lifetime. A deep dive into this new look Mets squad and other teams around the league, will be crucial to finding where the Big Apple Mets belong.

Who have the Mets added to their team?

An impressive haul of players including, SS Francisco Lindor, SP Marcus Stroman, C James McCann, RP Trevor May, SP Carlos Carrasco, Utility player Jonathon Villar, OF Albert Almora and OF Mallex Smith.

Even though a group with this caliber is definitely out of character for the Mets to haul in, it could shockingly be better than this. JT Realmuto, George Springer, DJ Lemahieu, Brad Hand and others all had ties to the Mets before signing elsewhere. But probably the biggest hiccup in the Mets offseason was the mess with Trevor Bauer. It started when Bob Nightingale tweeted that the Mets and Bauer had a deal, but that wasn't entirely true. He ended up switching up the next day, signing a record breaking deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Who is the Mets competition?

In the NL East the Mets have to face off against the Braves, Nationals, Phillies and Marlins. Last year the Braves made it all the way to the NLCS before choking a 3-1 lead to the Dodgers. The Nationals have great pitching and added some veteran pieces this offseason, trying to replicate their magical 2019 World Series run. The Phillies spend a lot of money just to finish 4th place. Finally, the Marlins made the postseason last season thanks to a disappointing NL East, but are still in a rebuild. In the NL, the Mets also have to watch out for the reigning champion Dodgers and the reloaded San Diego Padres. Both teams making a lot of moves this offseason to try and take it to the next level.

Out of the teams I just mentioned, I feel three of them are serious threats to the Mets, with one being barley a threat. The Braves, Dodgers and Padres I feel are all better than the Mets. With the Nationals possibly being a threat with their ability to make something out of nothing and great pitching.

What is the Mets biggest weakness?

It has to be their bullpen, with the ability to blow games left and right this group will not be able to handle the heat in the postseason. The lineups of the Padres, Dodgers, and Braves will be able to feast off of this lack luster pen. The addition of Trevor May definitely helps, but the group is still very questionable. You never know what you're going to get out of former star Edwin Diaz when he steps on the mound. That uncertainly in the pen is what leads me away from calling them the best team in the NL East.

What is the Mets biggest strength?

Contrary to their bullpen, their Starting rotation when healthy is one of the best in the MLB. Jacob DeGrom, Noah Syndergard, Carlos Carrasco and Marcus Stroman combine for a lethal one through four. But currently they aren't completely healthy, with Marcus Stroman hurt currently (expected to be ready for season) and Syndergard still recovering from an injury that put him out for the entirety of 2020. So right now I would say their lineup, but eventually it will become their starting rotation.

What is the Mets ceiling and floor this season?

Their ceiling is hard to predict, as it all depends on the final standings in the NL playoff picture. The NL Central is exceptionally weak, so teams would rather play the winner of the NL Central than one of the Braves, Padres, Dodgers or Mets. So I feel the Mets aren't going to win the division and have to settle for a wildcard, and it's hard seeing them winning that game against the Padres or Dodgers. So I feel their ceiling is a Wild Card team. Their floor is a 4th place finish, injuries and struggles could make this team fall back to former ways. it enough to make a playoff run?

Most likely no, the team is deep off the bench but still their lineup is not near other NL powerhouses. Their bullpen does hold them back as well from fellow NL competitors. But, the Mets are known for their miracles, the 1969 Miracle Mets pulled off a near impossible World Series victory. So their is a looming thought in my mind this team could make a run. But this team if they can extend the right guys and move the right pieces around, will be able to set up right for the future.

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