The New Playoff Format Gives The Rams A Chance To Get To The Playoffs

The Rams are one of the biggest question marks in the league. After a upsetting loss in super bowl 53 the Rams felt like they had something to prove last season. Sadly they came up short going 9-7 and missing the playoffs. Due to the new schedule changes I believe the Rams will be able to make the playoffs this season.

We all know that Sean McVay is a offensive mastermind, so let’s look at their starters. At the quarterback position they have Jared Goff who is coming off a bad year but I believe he will bounce back. Even with the loss of Brandin Cooks the wide receiver core is still tremendous with receivers such as Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, and Josh Reynolds. Their tight ends Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett will most likely be one of the top tight end duos in the league. They still have a exceptional offensive line anchored by Andrew Whitworth and Austin Corbett. Running back is a position that some people think is a weak spot for the offense. I think the running game is going to struggle at first but once Cam Akers gets the hand of the nfl he will be a great running back. Overall they have a elite offense that will surprise a lot of people this season.

The defense is lackluster but has potential to be good enough for the offense to win them games. They have an incredible defensive line even with the loss of Dante Fowler, a very dominate edge rusher. Their secondary is above average especially with their new lockdown corner Jalen Ramsey. The inside linebackers are the team’s biggest weakness with players such as Micah Kiser, who had 4 tackles over his entire NFL career. The other inside linebacker is Troy Reeder, who isn’t ready to be a full time starter. Like I said earlier, the defense will definitely struggle at times but the offense is so talented that the defense won’t have to do much for the team to be successful.

The team has a difficult but manageable schedule. Of course their biggest threats are the 49ers and Seahawks. They play against the NFC East which is by far the weakest division. The only team from that division that can be a threat is the Eagles. They also play is the AFC East which is another very weak division. The only team they will struggle against from the AFC East is the Patriots. They could struggle a little against the Bills but I think they will definitely come out on top. The most difficult division they play against (other then their own) is the NFC South. Other then then the Panthers, all of the teams in the NFC South are huge obstacles that they will have to get over in order to make the playoffs. Overall the schedule is average. They play against two of the worst divisions in the league but they also play against two of best divisions in the league.

The addition of one extra playoff team in each conference will allow the Rams to at least have a chance at the playoffs. It really isn’t that far fetched to think about considering it’s only been one season since they made the super bowl. They have at worst a top 12 offense, a decent defense, a amazing coaching staff, and a manageable schedule. Therefore the Rams have potential to go back to the playoffs.

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