The Raptors, where should they go from here?

With the Raptors disappointing 2nd Round loss to the Celtics, what should the raptors do this offseason? I’m going to put myself in Masai’s shoes and change the future of this franchise!

Free Agency

I believe there is no one the Raptors can pursue this offseason so let’s look at our upcoming Free Agents and what we should do with them.

  • Fred Vanvleet: 20-25 million per year for 4 years, if he wants the max he can walk.

  • Serge Ibaka: 15 mill per year throughout 2 years

  • Marc Gasol: Bye Bye 👋 let him walk

  • Chris Boucher: Match any contracts for him that are reasonable. Only for 2 years max tho.

  • Stanley Johnson: If he accepts his player option deal with it, if he dosent let him walk.

  • Rondae Hollis Jefferson: Try to sign him to a low 2-4 mill contract per year for 1-2 years.

  • Everyone else can walk for all I care.

long term and signs Ibaka and RHJ and Boucher for short term so we can have space for Giannis. Also Gasol has to go. So Dylan what if Vanvleet leaves? Vanvleet is the only FA I see leaving, and I have a plan.


We need a shot creating wing that can close out games. OG and Powell aren’t that yet. So here is who we target.

  • Bradley Beal

  • Devin Booker

  • Zach Lavine

  • Victor Oladipo

For Beal while he would be the best option Wizards are greedy, we tried to make a push for him and the Wizards asked for Siakam OG and like 3000 picks 😂. So he’s out. Devin Booker will be almost untouchable after the Suns 8-0 bubble record. So that leaves Oladipo and Lavine, while dipo is cheap I want Lavine. So who do we trade?

Lowry Thomas and our 2021 and 2022 first round picks. OR we do a sign and trade with Vanvleet if he asks for unreasonable money. With this we can get Lavine and another one of their players. Lavine would be the shot creating future superstar we need and a good shooter and a veteran PG to go with Lauri would he really good for the bulls. This trade would be along shot but anything around the lines of this could work for the Raptors. I highly believe we can finesse the Bulls into fading Lavine for Lowry.

Yes we are Trading Lowry

Lowry is getting old and only has a few more good year for this team, trading while he still has value is beneficial and will help Vanvleet grow as a starting PG. so after all these changes what does our team look like?

Depth Chart

PG: Vanvleet, Davis

SG: Lavine, Powell


PF: Pascal, RHJ

C: Ibaka, Boucher

Of course we would sign some role players but this would be the main rotation. That’s a real good contender in my opinion. With tensions rising and Giannis possibly leaving the bucks, surrounding him with this team would be a dynasty. (I personally would put Giannis at Center.)

So what do you think, does this make the Raptors better or will they get worse without Lowry? Will the Raptors get Giannis in 2021? What team should I do a offseason rebuild/changes next?

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