The Rockets are the Perfect Team to Beat the Lakers in a Series

It's a real shame because I was going to write about this last week, but I wasn't able to write all of last week. I am back now and will be back to writing articles regularly, though.

I'll start with the fact that the Lakers were 1-2 against the Rockets before Thursday's game, and the games that Houston won, they won by 10 points or more.

I'll just start with the facts, losing Avery Bradley for the restart has really hurt the Lakers. Bradley would often defend the best player on the opposing team and would do a great job as well. Despite being known as a defensive player, Bradley has some good offense too. With Bradley gone, that leaves Danny Green as your best guard defender. LeBron has often been guarding the best player on the opposing team but every team at this level has two very good players, so for the Rockets, LeBron might be able to guard James Harden, but who will be able to contain Russell Westbrook when he gets going again? Who will stop Ben McLemore from moving around so freely and shooting open threes? It's a serious problem that the Lakers have, and that's defending the perimeter. The Rockets are going to destroy the Lakers from behind the arc. They did in game 1 and they will continue to do so. The Rockets had a total of 39 three pointers taken and they made 36% of them. They could do better but that's not too bad.

As defense goes, the Rockets will also flourish. The problem that Lakers players have, is they can't create their own shot, it has to be a catch and shoot situation. I think going into the next game and the games after that, we'll see the ball almost always in the possession of LeBron, Rondo, or Davis. We won't see the ball much at all in KCP's or Danny Green's. The option after the three I listed above will probably be Kyle Kuzma, but Kuzma isn't much of a shot creator either and can struggle with turnovers when he has the ball too much.

All talent and chemistry aside, despite being the oldest team in the NBA, averaging an age of 30.2 years old, the Lakers are just behind them, with an average age of 29. The Rockets are one of those teams that it just seems like they have unlimited energy. They are always looking to get out and run on the fast break and they are good at it too. I think going forward, the Lakers will have troubles keeping up with the Rockets both in transition, and just on defense in general. The Rockets are a very fast team, and the Lakers are not. With that being said, if this series goes to a game 7, the Lakers will be very tired and I see the Rockets still having a lot of energy to finish off the series.

It will be interesting to see what the Lakers will do with Rondo back in the lineup and Westbrook catching fire, we'll find out soon enough.

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