The Sixers Need Another Playmaker/Ball Handler

Sixers fans are in rage at both the Sixers' players, but mostly Brett Brown. The Sixers organization is just one of those teams that has quality players, but it somehow doesn't work... every year. That's when you turn to the coach, and obviously Brett Brown is doing a horrible job as a coach.

Sixers fans will say it, they should've signed Trey Burke. I don't really understand, they signed Al Horford to an insane contract but then didn't sign Burke when they would have paid him minimal money. There aren't any bold free agent PGs that the Sixers could sign, so their best option would be to trade. I know the Clippers will want to re-sign this player, but Reggie Jackson would be a great option. Coming off the bench for the Clippers, he provides instant offense, whether that's scoring or playmaking, he can and will do it. Shake Milton may be a good option for the future, but they don't have another point guard and as of now, Milton hasn't shown that he can carry the starting point guard role. Another asset of Jackson's is his veteran IQ. With his experience in the league, he could mentor younger players on and off the court.

Another good option that the Sixers could use is Hornets' guard Terry Rozier. At 26, I feel that Rozier is in his prime right now, just look at his stats, they'll prove that this is his best season so far in the NBA. Rozier's game has been underrated throughout his whole career, and he kind of "broke out", if that's what you'd call it, with the Hornets. Rozier has plenty of playoff experience and could bring that knowledge and IQ to the Sixers at the point guard position.

Another great player the Sixers could pick up is Goran Dragic. Dragic will be an UFA at the end of this year. He'll be 34, but he still has a lot of gas left in the tank. It is questionable whether the Heat will want to re-sign him, but the Sixers should definitely go after Dragic for his playmaking and three point shooting abilities. The only concern is Dragic's contract. He was paid over $19,000,000 this year to play for the Heat, and due to the Sixers overspending on Tobias Harris and Al Horford, it may be tough to get Dragic to join the team if he still wants that kind of money.

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