The Top 15 Chicago Bears of the 2010s

The past 10 years for the Bears have not been 2 great with only 2 playoff appearances, but they have had some great players on both sides of the ball through this time.

Honorable Mentions

Allen Robinson (2018- Present):

If it were not for injuries he might have had a chance to crack this list, but what is likely going to end up as 2 1000 yard seasons is not going to cut it as AROB has been our best offensive player in the Nagy era.

Willie Young (2014-2018):

Willie was one of the few bright spots on the Bears during the Treshman era. As young had 10 sacks in 14, 6.5 in 15, and 7 in 16 while playing a different position every year. If the Bears kept him in the end there is a good chance he has 3 double-digit sack seasons.

15. Jay Cutler (2009-2016):

Although he is disliked among most Bears fan's he is statistically the greatest Bears QB of all time. You can not blame Jay for any of the problems the bears had over this time as Jay had most of his offensives above average at the worst. If it were for injuries he maybe could have been one of the main contributors to the Bears second ring in 2011. And in my opinion, If Jay was on this Bears team in his prime they would be SB contenders with this defense.

14. Kyle Long ( 2013-2019)

A staple for the Bears o line through this decade as he has 3 pro bowls and second-team all-pro in 2014. If he did not come back on his ankle injuries late in the season on a bad bears team he could still be playing right now. Kyle Long could have helped a lot this year with the Bears struggles at the line.

13. Alshon Jeffrey ( 2012-2015)

Although he has fallen off as a top receiver in the past years their once was a time where Alshon Jeffery was regarded as a potential top 5 receiver in the NFL as he posted back to back 1000 yard seasons including a 249-yard performance against the Vikings. He could have even had 3 1000 yard seasons in a row if he was not hurt in 2015.

12. Lance Briggs ( 2003-2014)

Even though the prime of his career was in the late 2000s Briggs was still great as he had back-to-back Pro Bowls in 2010 and 2011 and had 100+ tackles twice in 2011 and 2012 where he had 105 and 103 respectively. Briggs is one of the great Chicago Bears and his durability through his career shows why he was so great.

11. Akeem Hicks ( 2016- Present)

As a Chicago Bears Hicks has become a top Defensive Tackle in the league as he has done everything on the field. He comes in where the stats don't track like clogging up holes in the run and putting pressure in the QBs face. This all accumulated in 2018 when he made his first Pro Bowl with 7.5 sacks. After a year of injury in 2019 Hicks is back to his old ways of causing havoc as he has 3.5 sacks on the years.

10. Tim Jennings (2010-2014)

Jennings was a steal for the Bears when they acquired him in the 2009 offseason as he was very effective in all 4 years with the Bears. He had back-to-back pro bowls in 2012 and 2013 and in 2012 he led the league in picks and in 13 he led the league in Pick sixes. Even in his last year as a bear when he was old he had 1 forced fumble and 50 tackles.

9. Devin Hester ( 2005- 2013)

The greatest return man of all time kept it going through his whole career as he had 6 punt return TDs in the years of 2010-13 and 1 kickoff return in 2011. Hester was an all-pro and pro-bowler in 2010. If Hester stuck to returns strictly and did not switch to receiver he could have been a spot or two higher as people found out that he was only effective in the return game.

8. Eddie Jackson ( 2017- Present)

Jackson has been a key piece of the Bears defense over the past few years as he was an all-pro in 2018 and has back-back pro bowls in 2018 and 19. In his career so far Jackson has had 10 picks 6 forced fumbles and 6 recoveries. And the year 2020 has had 2 pick-sixes called back for bogus PI calls. Eddie Jackson is going to continue to be one of the top Free Sayfties as the years go on.

7. Khalil Mack ( 2018- Present)

If you take away the offensive struggles and just look at the defense. Khalil Mack has been a savior almost for this Bears team as they were not good for years and then all of a sudden they go 12-4 in 2018 on the back of Khalil Mack and the d. After a brought campaign in 2019 where he was getting triple-teamed on some plays with the losses of Hicks and Bial Nichols, he has come back strong this year as he is looking like a DPOY candidate once again.

6. Brandon Marshall ( 2012-2014)

Although he was not the best teammate you can not deny his production as he was named an all-pro in 2012 setting a single-season receiving yard and receptions record for the Bears. After a 1500 yard season, Marshall had 1300 in 2013 bringing him back to the pro bowl. In 2014 he added 8 touchdowns to bring his total to 31 in three seasons with the Bears.

5. Kyle Fuller ( 2014- Present)

Fuller has led the Bears with 18 picks this decade as he also had an all-pro campaign in 2018 and a pro bowl season in 19. Fuller has been consistently great through his time in the NFL as his only down season was with a bad defense and him playing through injury. Again this season Fuller has looked the best he ever has as he is looking like a top 5 corner in the league.

4. Brian Urlacher ( 2000- 2012)

Urlacher only needed 3 years to put himself in the top 5 as he had 2 Pro Bowls two 100 tackle seasons, leading the Bears to the NFC championship in 2010. and probably being the greatest Bear collectively over the decade. Urlacher was so great for those 3 years that I had to put him in the top 5 as he nearly led the Bears to their 2nd Super Bowls berth in 10 years.

3. Julius Peppers ( 2010- 2014)

Prime Julius Peppers was unstoppable as the Future Hall of Famer accumulated the team-high 37.5 sacks in the decade. He went to the Pro Bowl in each of his first 3 seasons with the team and was arguably the best player on the 2011 NFC championship Bears.

2. Charles "Peanut" Tillman ( 2003- 2014)

In his prime Peanut was unstoppable picking up 20 fumbles in 5 seasons and an NFL single season-high 10 in 2012. He was a Pro Bowler in 2011 and 2012. Peanut also got the interceptions too as he had 5 in 2010 and 3 in 2011,12, and 13. Tillman was another key contributor to the 2010 Bears.

  1. Matt Forte ( 2008-2015)

This was a no brainer, in my opinion, if it was not for injuries Forte would have had 6 1000 yard seasons in a row as he missed 6 games in 2011 still getting 997 yards and he missed 4 games in 2015 as he got 898 yards. Forte also had the single seasons record for receptions by an RB at the time in 2014. I know his first-ballot Hall of Fame chances are slim, but people have to go back and watch his highlights and look at his stats. He was the second greatest running back of his generation behind Adrian Peterson and yes ahead of Marshawn Lynch. Matte Forte was CMC before CMC was in the league.

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