The Top Remaining Free Agents In The NFL And What Teams They Could Go To (Part 1)

The 2020 Offseason has been a crazy one with many stars changing teams and being traded. Along with many amazing rookies that are supposed to fill major holes on teams and become stars for the franchises that took a chance on them. Some star players also have retired that have effected teams like Luke Kuechly, Travis Frederick, and Eric Weddle. However, with all of this, there are still amazing star players that are still available and not signed yet. Some of these are due to the COVID-19 outbreak but others just make no sense almost, along with others due to political reasons. Here I will be taking a look at the top free agents remaining in the NFL, and what would be good fits for teams to these players.

#1 - Delanie Walker (TE)

Delanie Walker has been a solid star tight end throughout his whole career. But these past 2 years he's only played a total of 8 games. So when you look at Delanie Walker what do you get out of him as a tight end? Well, he wont get you many touchdowns or scoring opportunities, but he will move the chains and rack up yardage for you easily. In his last full season in 2017, he had 74 receptions, 807 yards, 3 TD's, along with 43 1st downs. He's been in the league for 15 years, is 35 years old, and may not be what he used to be, but he can still be an efficient piece that gets you 400-600 yards, and a few touchdowns. What team would be perfect for him? To me, I believe the #1 fit that Walker could make instantly better is the Green Bay Packers. The Packers lost Jimmy Graham to the division rival Chicago Bears, which leaves a spot to fill at tight end. I believe Delanie Walker could be a piece that replenishes the Packers offense, and gives a reliable target for Aaron Rodgers that helps move the chains, and keeps the teams Super Bowl hopes alive.

#2 - Logan Ryan (CB)

Logan Ryan is a cornerback who also played for the Titans this past season like Delanie Walker. Overall Logan Ryan has been consistent and reliable over his entire career. He's very durable as well, only missing 3 regular season games. This last season, the numbers he's put up are 65 solo tackles out of 105 total, 4 and a half sacks, 18 pass deflections, and 4 interceptions. He isn't as good at man coverage and being shutdown capable like others, but he can hold his own when faced with it, and he makes turnovers happen. He's a big time playmaker. The numbers he's put up are among some top tier corners in the league, and its almost ridiculous that he isn't signed by a team yet. Over his whole career he's been a great corner anyone would be lucky to have, and I expect a signing very soon. His perfect fit to me that needs someone like Logan, is one of 3 teams. The Minnesota Vikings who lost all of their starting corners in free agency, 2 of which to Cincinnati. They haven't done much to replace these holes, though, which seems to open up some problems in the secondary. Who would be better to help fill the hole at cornerback then Logan Ryan? He could easily sign a 2 year deal at just 29 years of age. Another team in the NFC that could benefit from Logan Ryan is the Atlanta Falcons. They lost Desmond Trufant in free agency which has decimated their secondary and defense as a whole. If I'm the Falcons I'm desperate for whatever defense I can acquire. The cornerback position is arguably the worst situation for the Falcons defense at the moment, with many young players and unproven talents. What better player to get to help to teach the young players and bring some reassurance to the defense than Logan Ryan? Lastly, jumping to the AFC, I think a team that could further solidify their aging cornerback group, is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think the Steelers in their current state has their elite defense returning at full power and I think they will play well. But I'm worried an aging Big Ben after an arm injury that ended his season and made him have to get surgery. I don't think he could be the same but I could also be wrong. But the only real cornerback has been keeping that group steady is Joe Haden. However he's 31 and is starting to exit his prime in his NFL career. If Logan Ryan signs with the Steelers it gives a few more years of stability to the position along with taking some steam off Joe Haden as the CB2 of the team.

#3 - Devonta Freeman (RB)

Devonta Freeman was a long time member and serviceable option to the Falcons. But throughout his career he's had some injury issues, playing only a full season twice through his 6 year career. As a veteran he's not one to be a work horse back, but rather a complimentary one. Someone out the backfield that's affective and such. He's only had 2 seasons over 1000 yards rushing, which is why I say this. He's 28 years of age, so he has a good amount of football left in him. Which team would be a perfect fit for Devonta Freeman? I believe there are 2 teams best fit for him. The most recent rumored team that wants Freeman are the Buccaneers. However, they want him to lower his asking price first, as he wants a good amount of money from a team if he signs. This may put the Bucs out of contention. The other team that I think makes some sense for them, is the Steelers. Now I'm a big fan of James Connor and think he's a good pound for pound back. But if the Steelers offense wants to flow easier and make things easier for Big Ben, then Devonta Freeman would be a good passing option out the backfield along with being elusive and cracking a few big runs.

#4 - Antonio Brown (WR)

Antonio Brown.....Does anything else need to be said? Antonio Brown over the past season and such has created a frenzy, and overall we know exactly what Antonio Brown can do for a team. I wont go into stats and such, because we all know and understand how good a receiver he truly is. With his off field antics though, is he worth it? Well, let's ask ourselves something. When was the last time you heard Antonio Brown doing something crazy? It's been a long time. And if you pay attention to it, he's been getting the necessary help he needs. Deion Sanders in fact sat down and talked with him about trying to get better. With this all in mind, I believe he will be signed before this season. The only question remaining is who would sign him? I believe the team that has shown the most interest in them would not only be the most likely to sign him, but the best fit. The Seattle Seahawks. While this could slow down DK Metcalf's development as a wide receiver with Tyler Lockett starting over him, but this could be a blessing in disguise. The Seahawks biggest issue that remains on the team is a lack of elite edge rushers or offensive linemen on the team. What if they use Tyler Lockett in a trade? They could get one of those positions along with giving up a few picks, while still having potentially 2 superstar wide outs on offense for Russell Wilson. This is just a scenario, but I think this could be a huge move for the Seahawks.

#5 - Damon Harrison Sr. (DT/Nose Tackle)

Damon Harrison recently finished up a stint with the Detroit Lions that didn't fit his scheme or playstyle. He had a dip in his numbers and wasn't playing as good. With that being said, put in the right system he can excel and be a huge piece for that team. He also rarely misses games and is almost always playing a full season. He's reliable and durable. If you want someone to beef up your line and stop the run, This guy may be perfect for you. With that being said, lets take a look at a few teams that are in need of run stuffers. To me There are a bunch of teams that could use his services. But I'm going to narrow it down to 3 teams. First off I think the Seahawks could use whatever help on the defensive line they could get, especially after it seems they don't mind losing Jadeveon Clowney. It would be a good fit, and with the veterans they've acquired I believe they are looking for a Super Bowl this year. The next team I believe he'd fit is the Atlanta Falcons. Like I said, with Logan Ryan, they have been pretty desperate for defensive pieces. While the defensive line is somewhat average, imagine putting Damon Harrison Sr. next to Grady Jarrett. The defensive line would improve drastically and would fill a hole that can make up for other problems on the defense. It would provide some stability, and if Logan Ryan were signed, then I think all the Falcons need to return to the playoffs is a healthy Todd Gurley. The final team I think would fit for "Snacks", is in the AFC, and they're the Houston Texans. The Texans took a big hit when they lost young and upcoming star defensive tackle D.J. Reader. If the Texans want to bounce back and fill a hole they lost and offer J.J. Watt some help, I would go after Damon Harrison Sr. to offer that help and give some run defense to contain teams. It would especially help when going against star running backs Derrick Henry and Leonard Fournette, who are both running backs extremely hard to tackle. Either way, whichever team Damon Harrison Sr. ends up on, you can expect him to serve the other team some snacks.

#6 - Everson Griffen (RE)

Everson Griffen is a veteran player at 32 years of age. He's been with the Vikings his entire career, with on and off seasons and such. He had a resurgence this past season though, and it seems he's found a groove. With this in mind, it's clear he's going to want to play for a contender. To me there are 2 possibilities of teams he goes to. First off I could see him coming back to the Vikings on a short deal. It makes sense if he's familiar with that team the most and no other team is willing to give him an offer. The other team I can see is the Patriots. The loss of Kyle Van Noy is bigger than some realize. The linebacker core has taken a hit and there isn't much to offer for on the defensive line besides Lawrence Guy. With him on the team it brings some stability to the line and defense. On top of that, it could prompt some offensive pieces to go to New England after the signing of Cam Newton. Things could be looking up real well for the Patriots. Which brings us to our next free agent...

#7 - Dez Bryant (WR)

Dez Bryant hasn't been in the league since 2018 and hasn't played since 2017. However he's stayed in shape and has been working out with players since then and trying his best to get back on the field. In his last 2 years playing he put up some of his lowest numbers. in 2017, the last year he played, he put up 838 yards on 69 catches with 6 touchdowns. While he may not be what he once was he is still a very good serviceable wide receiver. with that being said where could the perfect fit be? I Believe there's two teams in the AFC that can work out for Dez. 1st off, I say the Patriots are his best fit. With newly signed free agent QB Cam Newton in for the team, he won't have as many weapons as he may like. Julian Edelman is a great slot receiver, but the 2nd best receiver on the team is also a slot receiver in Mohammed Sanu. He's also getting up in age and it seems the team could use a deep threat wide out to help out. I believe Dez Bryant would help out tremendously this season for Cam Newton. Now the 2nd team I believe would work for him, are the Colts. Yup, not the Cowboys. Thwy already have their 3 wide outs on offense, with no need to sign Dez. The Colts have T.Y. Hilton and up and coming wide receiver Zach Pascal. While these two pieces could be more than enough next year with new QB Phillip Rivers and a top 5 offensive line, I do believe that Dez could be that extra option that balances the team out and makes it easier on Phillip Rivers in what could be, his final year in the NFL.

#8 - Jason Peters (LT)

Jason Peters is one of the oldest lineman in the league but is still very serviceable at his age. If any team needs a big haul at LT on their line, they can be sure to call on the 9x Pro Bowler to come in and help their team. The only question is which team? I see 2 teams that would love to have him on their teams. 1 team I really think is the best situation to go for, is the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers this offseason signed awesome RT Bryan Bulaga to help their struggling offensive line. But even with this signing, and structuring the right side of the line to be better, the LG and LT are subpar at best, and could definitely use an upgrade. Who better to help patch that hole than Jason Peters? I think it would make the Chargers offense much better than people may realize, and could be the one spot they fill that helps Tyrod Taylor really be safe in the pocket. The other team I feel would really help, is the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings lost a lot on offense with Diggs being traded, and possibly Dalvin Cook not playing this year. To understand why Jason Peters would be a good place fit here, we have to look at Dalvin Cook and how he played last season. If you watch the film, Dalvin Cook was making work with a rather lack luster line at times that was merely average. He found holes to squeeze through and make plays happen that laid pressure off Kirk Cousins. But if Dalvin Cook holds out, and they are left with a young running back in Alexander Mattison, I think its a must sign to get Jason Peters or one of the other guards and linemen on that team to help Mattison out.

#9 - Eric Berry (SS)

Eric Berry hasn't played a full season since 2016, and was dealing with a plethora of health injuries including fighting and beating cancer. He's a tough man and a great locker room prescience to have with his fighting spirit and culture. However, you have to be more than just a good locker room guy. You have to still play at a good NFL level, and contribute to the team. Now Eric Berry may not have that anymore, and who knows, maybe he's done. But if he has any kind of game left in him, and he isn't done with his career yet, I believe there's a team that fits him perfectly, and would love to have him. That team, is the Buccaneers. The Bucs have just had the best offseason of any team possibly ever, with signing Tom Brady, Trading for Gronk and getting him to come out of retirement, and drafting one of the best tackles in the draft, Tristan Wirfs. This along with 2 elite wide receivers and a young hungry defense, they are sure to make some people buzz. The safety position though is in question. One player is a rookie they drafted this year, and the other is another young player going into their 3rd year. If the Bucs want to make their team better, and help their team function easier, I believe Eric Berry is a perfect low risk high reward signing to make by the Bucs.

#10 - Jadeveon Clowney (LE)

Jadeveon Clowney is one of, if not the biggest free agent left on the market that's looking for a home. He recently just finished up a 1 year stint with the Seahawks, and was looking for a huge deal. However, with 3 sacks not many teams are willing to bite. However he is a disruptor. He can stop the run efficiently and put pressure on the QB. He's also gave a list of teams he'd like to go to, along with some teams that have already offered him. He wants to go to a contender. So with that in mind, which teams are best for him? Lets take a look at some "Contenders" he's listed that he'd take minimum deals to play for. There are 2 teams that are at the top of his list he's listed that he's said he wants to play for. Those 2 teams are the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys. I'm going to get this out of the way right now. I see no chance with any of these teams. While Dak signed his franchise tender and having 10 million in cap space, I can't see them spending it on Clowney. The Saints? Yeah, no way. However, 1 of the teams that have offered him the biggest contract deal yet, is a perfect fit for Clowney. I say the Cleveland Browns are one of the best fits for him. Him alongside Myles Garrett would be a dominant pass rush that can complete the defense. I really don't understand why he'd turn down that deal to go to the Browns. Another team I could see really using him that's contending is the Packers. One their biggest issues last year was stopping the run. Jadeveon can come in and help not only stuffing the run but also pressuring the QB. I think if the Packers signed him it would be huge in helping them succeed. The other team I could see using him are the Panthers. If you've been paying attention to how this team has begun its rebuilding process, it's started to lean away from linebackers and defensive backs, and working more towards fixing the defensive line and beefing it up. I think Jadeveon Clowney could make the Panthers really happy.

This is the end of Part 1. I'm hoping to have another article soon going into some more Free Agents left in the league that could help many teams out more than people think. With that, tell me what you think are the best free agents remaining and what places you think would fit best for some of these guys!

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