The unending Antonio Brown debacle

Antonio Brown is still a free agent. Many teams have been rumored to be linked to Antonio Brown. Most prominently are the Seahawks and Ravens. Some people suggest that the Eagles and Rams have a possibility of signing AB. Should a team sign him though?

Antonio Brown has a lot of upside. I really shouldn’t have to explain his talent. He went All-Pro year in and year out, he broke records, and he lead the NFL’s receivers in nearly every category. There wasn’t a season during his stretch of dominance which he wasn’t regarded as a top WR. Also, he isn’t going to be taking any huge contract. So why not sign him?

This Antonio Brown saga started on the Steelers. He effectively tore the offense and Locker-room apart and left the team in the most drama-filled-Antonio-Brown fashion. He couldn’t survive through the offseason with Oakland, and then got kicked off the patriots for sexual assault charges after just after a game. That’s not even the whole story. Saying he has off-the-field-issues is a Grand Canyon sized understatement.

I bet many people reading this are thinking “why does it matter what he does? His talent speaks for itself, and he is worth the risk.” I would disagree.

First, Brown isn’t going to sign a baby contract, he wants real money. I highly doubt he will be signing anything less than a 10 million dollar contract. He signed a 15 million dollar contract with the Pats even AFTER getting cut by the Raiders. If a team signs him and he doesn’t stay the season, they are wasting significant cap.

Second, a locker-room cancer is the opposite of what you want in a Superbowl team. The teams that are rumored to be looking to sign Brown are also the teams that could be contending for a Superbowl. But teams that can’t get a long in the locker room usually can’t get very far in the playoffs. I think that just having Antonio Brown on your team is a negative because all the drama counteracts the good.

Whether I disagree with signing him or not, he most likely will he signed. So who will sign AB?

A partner on Instagram made a post outlining 3 requirements to sign AB; strong culture, QB is the clear leader, and no true #1 receiver.

With that said, I don’t think Philadelphia, Buffalo, or Minnesota will be in contention to sign Brown. I don’t think Buffalo will be Brown’s first choice if he gets more than 1 offer due to it’s poor weather, crowded receiver group, and overall defensive focus. Also Philly and Minnesota don’t like to have a lot of off the field drama, so I would rule them out for the most part.

Right now Seattle seems like the front runner. Wilson has been practically begging for Brown since last season, and they really fit the previously mentioned categories. I also wouldn’t be surprised by the Ravens signing him. If Harbaugh is willing to take the risk, AB could electrocute the Ravens offense.

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